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Published May 15, 2024

Are boiler repairs costing you an arm and a leg? It might be time to consider a boiler upgrade. An energy-efficient new boiler will transform your home or business environment. And reduced energy bills may transform your budget!

Choosing a new boiler from the vast selection available can be stressful. That’s where Eco Happy steps in. As central heating professionals serving Farsley and beyond, we deliver boiler solutions that have our customers beaming warmly. We have completed thousands of successful boiler installations in the UK.

From expert advice to great prices and safe professional installation, let Eco Happy take care of your boiler installation in Farsley. After our qualified heating engineer completes the job, you’ll be able to sit back in warm, affordable comfort.

What Type Of Boiler Do You Need?

The type of boiler you need is the one that works best for your home or business. The right boiler for you depends on factors such as:

  • Your budget (you can choose from affordable, mid-price, or top-tier models).
  • Your property size and footprint (a larger property will require a more powerful boiler).
  • Your heating and hot water requirements (how many bathrooms need hot water at the same time?).
  • Connection to the gas grid (electric, oil, or LPG boilers are alternatives if there is no gas line).
  • Eco-friendly choices (an electric boiler, powered by renewables, or a biomass boiler are eco options).
  • Property insulation (poorly insulated properties need more powerful boilers).

Let’s consider the offerings.

Conventional boiler

This traditional boiler and tank system has successfully heated UK properties for decades. Conventional boilers deliver heating effectively to multiple rooms and hot water to several taps simultaneously.

Modern designs of these boilers – called condensing boilers – are pretty energy efficient too. Legally, they must have an Energy-related Product rating (ErP) of 92%.

But aren’t conventional boilers being banned, you might ask? Conventional boilers are not being banned and will continue to be sold for the foreseeable future. However, traditional oil and gas boilers don’t feature in the UK Government’s 2050 net zero plans. This explains the proposal to ban conventional boilers from newly built properties from 2025.

Conventional boilers are fuelled by either natural gas, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or oil.

Electric boiler

Electric boilers are ideal for a home or small office space where the electricity comes from renewable sources. Connecting an electric boiler to solar or wind power can generate cheap, green, low-carbon heating.

Electric boilers use electricity to heat water for central heating and hot water needs. These boilers are fairly compact and easy to install. With no energy wasted in a combustion process, they are among the most efficient boilers on the market (efficiency ratings are often in the high 90s).

After the 1 April 2024, Energy Price Cap adjustment, the average household will pay 24.50p per kilowatt hour (kWh) for electricity compared to 6.04p per kWh for gas. This makes running an electric boiler more expensive than a gas system. Of course, the cost of your electric boiler falls significantly when its electricity comes from renewables.

Combi boiler

Combi (or combination) boilers combine both water heating and central heating into a single unit. They draw water directly from the mains supply to supply hot water on demand. A combi is a great choice for apartments, smaller houses, or small offices served by a single bathroom. 

Combi boilers are stylish, efficient, and compact enough to fit in a cupboard. However, a combi boiler struggles to effectively supply heated water to multiple faucets (like a shower and washing machine or two showers) at the same time.   

Combi boilers are usually gas or electric.

System boiler

A system boiler works well in larger properties with multiple bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas. System boilers are well-suited to medium or large commercial premises.

A system boiler is directly connected to the mains water supply, removing the need for a cold water tank. Like a regular boiler, a system unit utilises a hot water tank to ensure constant hot water. A good system boiler delivers heating efficiently and comfortably provides hot water to several bathrooms at once.

System boilers can be fuelled by gas, LPG, or electricity.

Biomass boiler

A biomass boiler is a sound choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and heating costs. Biomass boilers are effective in both home and business settings.

A biomass boiler uses renewable organic materials, such as wood pellets, chips, or logs, as its fuel source. It’s an eco-friendly alternative since it doesn’t rely on fossil fuels like gas or oil.

Biomass fuels are often cheaper than other options, keeping running costs down. However, the upfront cost of installing a biomass boiler may be over £10,000. The UK Government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) provides grants of £5,000 to assist property owners in buying a biomass boiler.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a New Boiler In Farsley?

The cost of installing a new boiler in Farsley varies depending on the type of boiler and how complicated the installation is. Several additional expenses and complications may be relevant, including:

  • Your old piping may need upgrading.
  • You may want to relocate the boiler (to a utility room, for example).
  • Your radiators may benefit from upgrading.
  • Replacing a conventional boiler with a combi entails a different configuration and new plumbing connections.

Here are the average costs for new boilers in your area. Note that these are estimates and the final price may differ according to your situation.

New boiler costs for homes 

1- bedroom home

Type of boilerCost excluding installationCost with installationAverage cost with installation
Conventional£600 – £2,500£1,800 – £3,500£2,650
Combi£600 – £2,500£1,600 – £3,500£2,550
Electric£550 – £2,500£1,450 – £3,500£2,475
System£600 – £2,500£1,800 – £3,400£2,600
Biomass£4,000 –  £8,000£6,000 – £10,000£8,000

2-bedroom home

Type of boilerCost excluding installationCost with installationAverage cost with installation
Conventional£600 – £2,800£2,000 – £4,000£3,000
Combi£600 – £2,500£1,700 – £4,000£2,850
Electric£600 – £2,600£1,600 – £3,900£2,750
System£600 – £3,000£1,800 – £4,000£2,900
Biomass£5,000 –  £10,000£8,,000 – £12,000£10,000

3-4 bedroom home

Type of boilerCost excluding installationCost with installationAverage cost with installation
Conventional£1,500 – £3,700£2,700 – £4,900£3,800
Combi (not really suitable unless combined with water storage tank)£1,400 – £3,000£2,600 – £4,500£3,550
Electric£1,400 – £3,300£2,500 – £4,500£3,500
System£1,500 – £3,700£2,600 – £4,700£3,650
Biomass£7,000 –  £14,000£10,000 – £18,000£14,000

5+ bedrooms 

Type of boilerCost excluding installationCost with installationAverage cost with installation
Conventional£1,600 – £4,500£2,900 to over £5,000£3,950
Combi (not really suitable for large homes)£1,500 – £3,500£2,600 to over £4,500£3,550
Electric (not well-suited)£1,550 – £3,500£2,500 to over £4,500£3,500
System£1,600 – £4,300£3,000 to over £5,000£4,000
Biomass£8,000 –  £15,000£10,000 to over £20,000£15,000

New boiler costs for commercial businesses 

Small business

Type of boilerCost excluding installationCost with installationAverage cost with installation
Conventional£600 – £2,700£1,800 –  £4,000£2,900
Combi£600 – £2,000£1,700 – £3,300£2,500
Electric£550 – £1,750£1,600 – £3,200£2,400
System£600 – £2,900£600 – £3,500£2,050
Biomass£5,000 – £10,000 £10,000 – £16,000£13,000

Medium businesses

Type of boilerCost excluding installationCost with installationAverage cost with installation
Conventional£1,400 – £5,000 £3,200 – £7,000 £5,100
Combi£1,200 – £4,000£3,000 – £6,000£4,500
Electric£1,400 – £4,000£3,000 – £6,500£4,750
System£1,300 – £5,000£3,300 – £7,000£5,150
Biomass£6,000 – £12,000 £11,000 – £20,000£15,500

Large businesses

The cost of complex installations in large premises gets pricey.

Type of boilerCost excluding installationCost with installationAverage cost with installation
Conventional£5,000 to over £10,000  £12,500 to over £20,000  Ranges widely
CombiNot suited for large commercial properties. 
Electric (not suited for large commercial)£5,000 to over £10,000£12,500 to over £20,000Varies
System£5,000 to over £10,000£12,500 to over £20,000Varies
Biomass£15,000 to over £30,000 £20,000 to over £40,000Varies

What Size Boiler Do You Need In Farsley

Boiler size is measured in power output; smaller units provide under 9 kW of output while powerful systems generate 70 kW. To determine the right boiler size for a property, the following factors are crucial: 

  • Building size 
  • Insulation levels
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of radiators
  • Hot water demand and heating needs

While indications are approximate, here are estimated boiler sizes for various size premises.

For homes

Bedrooms BathroomsRadiatorsBoiler sizeType of boiler
111-69 kW – 18 kW (24 kW for combi)Combi, system, conventional, electric
215-1018 kW – 27 kW (30 kW for combi)Combi, conventional, electric, system
3-42-310-1630 kW – 35 kWSystem, conventional,biomass 
5+4+15 to over 2035 kW – 45 kWSystem, conventional, biomass

For commercial businesses

Commercial heating requirements vary from business to business. Compare a small bookkeeper’s office with a training college for example. Here is an idea of estimated boiler outputs for different-sized commercial properties.

SizeHot water pointsRadiatorsBoiler sizeType of boiler
Small11-912 kW – 24 kW (30 kW for combi)Combi, conventional, electric, system
Medium 3+10-2035 kW – 45 kWConventional, system, biomass
LargeMultipleOver 2055 kW to over 100 kWConventional, system, biomass

What Are The Best Boiler Brands?

The following brands consistently feature among the UK’s top boiler manufacturers, according to consumers and industry experts.

  • Worcester Bosch: Worcester Bosch was founded as a small engineering firm in Worcester, in 1962. Over the years, the company has grown to become a market leader, winning multiple awards, including the Best Combi Boiler in 2023. The brand is consistently rated excellent on Trustpilot.
  • Ideal: Ideal Heating was founded in the UK in 1906. The company manufactures out of Hull and enjoys a stellar reputation among clients, engineers, and consumer groups. Ideal boasts a Trustpilot trust rating of 4.8.
  • Vaillant: Vaillant was founded in Germany and is one of the largest heating companies in Europe. The company boasts over 150 years of experience and is a UK favourite, with a deserved reputation for quality workmanship. Trustpilot reviews record a high 4.4.
  • Alpha: Alpha Heating Innovation brings Italian design to the UK market. Headquartered in Sevenoaks, Kent, Alpha offers a comprehensive range backed by 50 years of experience. The company has a 4.7 Trustpilot rating.
  • Viessmann: Viessmann is a German manufacturer founded in 1917. The company prides itself on setting the standard for the future. As a sign of quality assurance, Viessmann offers extended warranties on some boilers of 10 years. The company rates 4.2 on Trustpilot.

When Should You Install A New Boiler?

The best time of year to install a new boiler is during the summer months. This avoids peak demand for installers and ensures you’re prepared for the coming winter. Without the urgent call for heat, you have more time to research and find the best deal. You don’t want to feel rushed when making such a crucial investment.

There often comes a point when property owners sink money into an old boiler when they’d be better off buying a new unit. If you spend £200 annually on common boiler repairs over three years, that’s £600 – the price of a sleek, new combi unit!

If your boiler is older than 10-12 years or hasn’t been well maintained, look for the following signs that it may be approaching its end days.

  • Your heating bills are increasing without any obvious explanation.
  • Your boiler makes funny noises such as knocking, grinding, whirring, whistling, or gurgling.
  • You are spending upwards of £150 annually on emergency boiler repairs.
  • Your radiators and hot water take ages to heat up.
  • The pilot light often goes out or burns a dirty yellow or orange colour. With the correct gas pressure and proper functioning, the pilot light should burn blue and not snuff out.
  • The boiler is leaking.

Some of these issues may be due to worn parts or dirt buildup. A qualified engineer is often able to diagnose and fix the underlying problem. If problems persist and additional issues arise, the system is clearly on the decline.

Many boilers aged 15 years or older have efficiency ratings of E, F, and G and perform at energy efficiencies of under 55%. Here, upgrading to a more efficient boiler is wise. Modern A-rated systems promise efficiency of over 90%. Check Energy Saving Trust estimates of how much you can save by installing an A-rated boiler. Savings of several hundred pounds a year are possible.

Why Choose Eco Happy?

Eco Happy is committed to world-class customer service. We partner with engineers who hold the proper qualifications and experience. This ensures you receive the best guidance, superb installations, and great aftercare.

Gas Safe registered engineers

Gas is dangerous if not handled properly. A badly installed gas boiler can result in a fatal explosion or carbon monoxide leak. That’s why a gas boiler must be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. All Eco Happy engineers working on gas-fired boilers are Gas Safe registered.

Eco Happy gas engineers live by the motto that safety is non-negotiable.

Fast response times

Eco Happy prioritises fast answers to your questions and speedy installations. No matter the time of year, you can expect a qualified Gas Safe engineer from your area to have your new boiler happily installed within days of your order. 

Professional and reliable

With Eco Happy, you are assured of a professional and reliable boiler replacement. We are your trusted partner in this important project. Our highly qualified team provides expert advice on choosing the right boiler, manages the entire installation, and offers friendly, professional support throughout.

Installation of all boiler types

Eco Happy’s engineers are not only professional, reliable, and Gas Safe registered, but versatile too. Our experienced team is equipped to install all boiler types – from combi boilers and conventional units to electric and solar systems. Once you’ve chosen your perfect boiler, we will install it to the highest efficiency and safety standards.

Get Your Boiler Installation Quote In Farsley Today

Are you fired up in Farsley? Ready for that shining, new, energy-efficient boiler? Get a free quote for a boiler installation today. Just complete a short form and be on your way to greater home and office comfort. While happily lowering heating bills, too!


Who can install a boiler in the UK?

Boilers in the UK should be installed by professionals, usually gas and heating engineers. Engineers working on gas boilers must be Gas Safe registered. Some plumbers are Gas Safe registered, allowing them to install boilers too.

How much is a boiler service in the UK?

Regular boiler servicing is crucial and usually costs between £60 and £130, depending on your location, and boiler type and age. 

What boiler brands does Eco Happy install?

Eco Happy installs Alpha, Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, and Ideal boilers, among others. 

What is the best boiler for a poorly insulated property?

If your home is poorly insulated, it loses a lot of heat and requires a more powerful conventional or system boiler. Depending on the property size, a boiler of 30 kW to 35 kW or larger may be necessary.

Other Areas We Service Near Farsley

Eco Happy’s exciting boiler service covers the following areas near Farsley :

CastlefordOssettWood End

James Elston

Boiler Expert

James Elston is the top boiler replacement and heating expert at Eco Happy. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry, focusing on Gas Safe boiler installations and offering home-heating and energy-saving solutions to homeowners across the UK. From sourcing the most energy-efficient combi boiler to providing specialist heating advice, James ensures that Eco Happy maintains the highest standards and best customer service.

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