James Elston

James Elston

Published June 24, 2024

Expert Boiler Installation in Heckmondwike

How many bathrooms do you have?

How many bedrooms do you have?

How many Radiators do you have?

How soon do you need your boiler?

What Type Of Boiler Do You Need?

Purchasing a boiler is a big investment. So, you need to be sure that the boiler unit you pick is able to meet your home or business’s needs.

Factors to consider when picking a boiler type include:

  • The size of your property.
  • The number of radiators and hot water points present.
  • An existing connection to the gas grid or if you are limited to electric, oil or other types of alternatives to gas boilers.
  • Whether your property has sufficient mains water pressure. Properties with low water pressure would need to consider something like a system or conventional boiler that creates additional water pressure through the use of water storage tanks.
  • Environmental considerations. For example, biomass boilers are more climate-friendly as they use renewable energy sources to generate heat.

Let’s look at the different boiler types available and what features they offer. 

Combi boiler

Combi boilers are one of the most popular boiler types in the UK. They connect directly to your mains water supply and heat water only as you need it. 

Combi boiler models are also the most energy-efficient boiler types. Models like the Viessmann Vitodens 200-W boast an impressive 98% efficiency. This translates to direct savings on your energy bills.

Due to their compact design, these boilers have lower installation costs than system or conventional boilers. They are ideal for homes or offices with a single bathroom.

combi boiler
system boiler

System boiler

System boilers are ideal for larger homes and offices with higher heating requirements. They consist of a boiler unit and a separate hot water storage tank. This storage tank means you will always have hot water ready for use. 

These boilers are cheaper to install than conventional boilers and can meet much higher water demands compared to combi boilers.

They are also a great solution for properties with low mains water pressure. Additionally, the water storage tank helps increase water pressure in your pipework.

Conventional boiler

Conventional boilers make use of both a hot and cold-water storage tank. They are a great solution for larger homes and offices as they provide a high hot water flow rate. 

Conventional boilers do require significant space, though, due to the additional water storage tanks. 

While conventional boilers are reliable and robust, they are not as cheap to maintain as other boiler types. Your boiler servicing will be more expensive due to the more complex nature of the setup. 

While some conventional boilers are compatible with solar water heating, many run on fossil fuels like Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) or oil. To meet climate targets, the UK Government has proposed a ban on installing these units in newly built properties from 2025.

conventional boiler
electric boiler

Electric boiler

Electric boilers do not use any combustible fuel. Instead, they use electrical energy to heat water. Installation costs are generally lower compared to gas boilers since they do not need to be connected to gas infrastructure. These boilers save space compared to other boiler types as they do not require any fuel storage or ventilation flues. 

They are also safer than a gas boiler installation, as there is no risk of a carbon monoxide leak. Additionally, electric boilers run much more quietly than other boiler types.

Generally, electric boilers are a bit more expensive to run, due to the rising cost of electricity in the UK. However, they are fully compatible with renewable energy solutions like solar panels. This mitigates their potentially higher running costs.

Biomass boiler

Biomass boilers work like traditional gas or oil boilers. However, they burn renewable organic materials, like wood and agricultural residue, to generate heat. 

This makes the fuel cost cheaper than other combustion boilers. Additionally, due to their green status, the UK Government offers financial incentives to install these boilers with their Renewable Heating Initiative (RHI).

Biomass boilers come in a variety of models that can meet the demands of both a small home and a large commercial property. While the running costs of biomass boilers are low, the initial installation costs and the price differences between various models are much higher.

biomass boiler

How Much Does It Cost To Install a New Boiler In Heckmondwike?

The price of a new or replacement boiler can vary depending on the boiler type and configuration required for the installation. 

For example, a like-for-like boiler replacement is much cheaper than switching from a combi to a system boiler. This is because engineers would need to install and set up an additional connection to the water storage tank. This will increase the total labour cost.

Below we will look at the average price of a boiler installation in Heckmondwike.

Note: You can cut the costs of upgrading your boiler by taking advantage of the government ECO4 boiler grant, provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

New boiler costs for residential homes

One-bedroom home

Boiler typeCost (excluding installation)Cost  (including Installation)Average cost (with installation)
Combi£600 – £2,500£1,600 – £3,500£2,550
System£600 – £2,500£1,800 – £3,400£2,600
Conventional£600 – £2,500£1,800 – £3,500£2,650
Electric£550 – £2,500£1,450 – £3,500£2,475
Biomass £4,000 –  £8,000£6,000 – £10,000£8,000

Two-bedroom home

Boiler typeCost (excluding installation)Cost  (including Installation)Average cost (with installation)
Combi£600 – £2,500£1,700 – £4,000£2,850
System£600 – £3,000£1,800 – £4,000£2,900
Conventional£600 – £2,800£2,000 – £4,000£3,000
Electric£600 – £2,600£1,600 – £3,900£2,750
Biomass £5,000 –  £10,000£8,000 – £12,000£10,000

Three to four-bedroom home

Boiler typeCost (excluding installation)Cost  (including Installation)Average cost (with installation)
Combi£1,400 – £3,000£2,600 – £4,500£3,550
System£1,500 – £3,700£2,600 – £4,700£3,650
Conventional£1,500 – £3,700£2,700 – £4,900£3,800
Electric£1,400 – £3,300£2,500 – £4,500£3,500
Biomass £7,000 –  £14,000£10,000 – £18,000£14,000

Five or more bedroom homes

Boiler typeCost (excluding installation)Cost  (including Installation)Average cost (with installation)
Combi£1,500 – £3,500£2,600 – £4,500+£3,550
System£1,600 – £4,300£3,000 – £5,000+£4,000
Conventional£1,600 – £4,500£2,900 – £5,000+£3,950
Electric£1,550 – £3,500£2,500 – £4,500+£3,500
Biomass £8,000 –  £15,000£10,000 – £20,000+£15,000

New boiler costs for commercial businesses

Small businesses

Boiler typeCost (excluding installation)Cost  (including Installation)Average cost (with installation)
Combi£600 – £2,000£1,900 – £3,300£2,600
System£600 – £2,900£600 – £3,500£2,050
Conventional£600 – £2,700£1,800 –  £4,000 £2,900
Electric£550 – £1,750£1,900 – £3,000£2,450
Biomass £5,000 – £10,000£10,000 – £16,000 £13,000

Medium-sized businesses

Boiler typeCost (excluding installation)Cost  (including Installation)Average cost (with installation)
Combi£1,000 – £4,000 £3,000 – £6,000 £4,500
System£1,200 – £5,000£3,300 – £7,000£5,150
Conventional£1,200 – £5,000£3,200 – £7,000£5,100
Electric£1,200 – £4,000£3,200 – £6,500 £4,850
Biomass £6,000 – £12,000 £11,000 – £20,000 £15,500

Large businesses

Boiler typeCost (excluding installation)Cost  (including Installation)Average cost (with installation)
System£5,000- £10,000£12,500- £20,000 Varies
Conventional£5,000- £10,000£12,500- £20,000 Varies
Electric£5,000- £10,000£12,500- £20,000Varies
Biomass £15,000- £30,000£20,000- £40,000Varies

What Size Boiler Do You Need?

The size of your boiler determines how many radiators it can heat and how many people will be able to access heated water at the same time. For example, a 1-bedroom home may have six radiators and only a single shower. A small 18 kW gas boiler installation would be more than suited for a setup like this.

On the other hand, you may own a medium-sized office with a more expansive central heating system. You need a boiler that can provide heated water to multiple bathrooms and radiators. In this case, you would need a boiler that has an output of around 30 kW.

Below, we’ve outlined estimated boiler sizes suitable for different property types and sizes.

For residential homes

Number of bedroomsNumber of bathroomsNumber of radiatorsSize of boilerType of boiler 
1-210-1018- 27 kWCombination, conventional, electric
3-42-310-1528-34 kWSystem or Conventional
5 or more4+15 – 20+35-43 kWConventional, biomass, system

For commercial businesses

When it comes to commercial businesses, heating requirements can vary greatly depending on the type of business. For example, a hotel with multiple bathrooms will need a much larger boiler than an office block, even if the two commercial properties are similar in size.

Size Number of hot water pointsNumber of radiatorsSize of boilerType of boiler 
Small11-918- 24 kWCombi, conventional, electric 
Medium3 or more10-2035 kW – 45 kWConventional, system, electric, biomass 
LargeOver 2020 or more55 kW and more Conventional, system, biomass

What Are The Best Boiler Brands?

Below we will look at five of the most popular boiler brands in the UK. We have included these brands based on:

Worcester Bosch

This UK-based company has been offering high-quality heating solutions since 1962. The Worcester Bosch Greenstar range has a reputation for reliability, with customers receiving an up to 12-year warranty on the unit.


Vaillant was formed in 1874 by Johan Vaillant. Today, the company focuses on producing green heating products. This means their range of boilers is environmentally friendly and will maximise savings on your energy bill. They also offer a Quiet Mark range of boilers that emphasise noise-free operation.


Viessmann has built a global reputation for quality products since 1917. Viessmann boilers carry a minimum warranty of 7 years, even on their cheapest boilers. They offer a range of heating systems, including solar, biomass and biogas boilers


Ideal does not have as big a market share as some of our other recommended brands but they still offer reliability, efficiency and a wide range of products.

The Espirit Eco, i2 and Atlantic ranges of combi boilers provide affordable home and office heating solutions. They come with a 5-year standard warranty.


Since its humble beginnings in Lancashire in 1866, Baxi has gone on to revolutionise the boiler industry with its innovative and efficient products. 

Baxi boilers are made in the UK and offer excellent value for money. Their Combi boiler range starts at about £650 for a 24 kW unit, which is large enough for a small to medium-sized home or office.

Why Choose Eco Happy?

At Eco Happy, we dedicate ourselves to delivering expert, customer-centred service throughout the UK. Our qualified and professional heating engineers have decades of industry experience. 

Need a Boiler Installation Quote In Heckmondwike?

If you need a boiler installation in Heckmondwike, simply fill out our form and we will get back to you with a free quote. Eco Happy’s network of fully qualified heating engineers is ready to resolve your boiler issues quickly, safely and at the best price. If you have any questions or need expert advice, please feel free to contact us.


How long does it take to install a boiler?

The time needed to fit a boiler depends on many factors and can take anywhere from 1 to 5 days. If you are simply swapping out a like-for-like boiler setup, it can take between 4 and 6 hours to complete the project. 

Alternatively, if you are installing a new unit that requires a reconfiguration of your current heating layout, it could take up to a week. Read our helpful guide on how long it takes to fit a boiler for more detailed guidance.

How long will a boiler last?

Generally, a boiler will last anywhere between 5 and 10 years. How long it lasts depends on the brand and model. 

For example, a large system boiler may be much more durable than a compact combi boiler. Some boiler brands like Viessmann have a reputation for durability, backed up by their excellent warranties of up to 12 years.

Can a plumber or electrician install a boiler?

Depending on the boiler type and configuration, heating engineers with both plumbing and electrical skills will be needed. For any gas boiler installation in Heckmondwike, only a registered Gas Safe engineer can legally complete the job.

Eco Happy’s team consists of highly professional engineers who specialise in all services, including gas boiler installation and connections to gas appliances.

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