James Elston

James Elston

Published June 17, 2024

Expert Boiler Installation In Gomersal, West Yorkshire

How many bathrooms do you have?

How many bedrooms do you have?

How many Radiators do you have?

How soon do you need your boiler?

Slash Energy Bills Install a New Boiler Today

Energy Saving Trust figures show that an energy-efficient modern boiler can save households almost £500 a year. But with so many heating systems on the market, how do you choose the right one?

Eco Happy is a leading UK heating company that helps homes and businesses around Gomersal find the perfect boiler for their unique circumstances. We have assisted thousands of residential and commercial property owners across Yorkshire to achieve energy savings with an advanced new boiler.

Whatever your property size and heating demands, our team of consultants and engineers will introduce you to energy-efficient comfort and great money savings.

types of boiler we install

Types of Boilers We Install

When it comes to installing boilers, Eco Happy’s boiler and central heating engineers have seen it all. Our highly qualified team fits all types of boilers, including:

  • Conventional gas boilers 
  • Electric boilers
  • Combi boilers
  • System boilers 
  • Biomass boilers

How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Boiler In Gomersal?

The cost of installing a new boiler in Gomersal varies depending on the type of boiler and how complicated the installation is. For example, you may need to upgrade piping, add thermostatic radiator valves, or relocate the boiler.

Here are the average costs for new boilers in your area. Note the prices are estimates and don’t include the price of biomass boilers, which cost around double other boiler models.

To assist property owners in investing in a biomass boiler, the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) provides grants of £5,000.

Residential Homes

Property sizeCost excluding installationCost with installationAverage cost with installation
1-bedroom home£550 – £2,500£1,450 – £3,500£2,475
2-bedroom home£600 – £3,000£1,600 – £4,000£2,800
3-4 bedroom home£1,100 – £3,600£2,200 – £4,900£3,550
5 and more bedrooms£1,400 – £4,500£2,400 – £5,000+£3,800

Commercial Businesses

Business sizeCost excluding installationCost with installationAverage cost with installation
Small business£600 – £2,800£1,600 –  £4,000£2,800
Medium-sized business£1,400 – £5,500£3,000 – £9,000£6,000
Large businesses£5,000 – £10,000+£12,500 – £20,000+£16,250+

Leading Boiler Brands in the UK

The following are regarded as the UK’s best boiler brands by consumers, industry insiders, heating engineers, and respected industry surveys, like Which?


Alpha Heating Innovation proudly brings Italian style to the UK market at affordable prices. Based in Kent, Alpha offers a fine range of boilers, from combis to powerful commercial units.

alpha boiler image
baxi boiler image


Backed by 150 years of expertise, this UK company presents a line of energy-efficient and attractive boilers. Baxi also has a deserved reputation for superb after-sales support.


Ideal Heating was founded in the UK in 1906. Serving the domestic and commercial markets, the company is a popular and trusted name among consumers, experts, and heating engineers.

ideal boiler image eco happy
viessman boiler image


Viessmann is a German company with over 100 years of experience. The brand is associated with premium design, German engineering, and market-leading warranties.

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch is a 50-year-old UK company that exemplifies quality, dependability, and service. Boasting an impressive 14 Which? Best Buy awards, the manufacturer is the go-to brand for many.

worcester bosch boiler image

Boiler Servicing and Repairs In Gomersal

Eco Happy’s services include fast and reliable boiler repairs and maintenance on all boiler types. Whether you have a problem with your electric, biomass, or gas boiler, we’re just a call away.

If you’re faced with a serious boiler malfunction, we also attend to emergencies, ensuring you’re never left in the cold.

And don’t forget the importance of a regular boiler service. Ongoing care, including an annual check-up, keeps your appliance in top nick.

Why Choose Eco Happy?

Get Your New Boiler Installation Quote Today

Get a speedy boiler installation quote and expert guidance about affordable boilers today.

Simply complete our quick online form and our friendly team will be in contact to introduce you to energy-efficient heating that reduces your bills and lowers your carbon footprint.


How much is a boiler service in the UK?

Regular boiler servicing is crucial and usually costs between £55 and £130, depending on your location, and boiler type and age.

Do plumbers install boilers?

Plumbers work on elements of the central heating system like pipework and radiators but aren’t always qualified to carry out boiler installations. To legally install a gas boiler, an installer must be Gas Safe registered.

James Elston

James Elston

Boiler Expert

James Elston is the top boiler replacement and heating expert at Eco Happy. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry, focusing on Gas Safe boiler installations and offering home-heating and energy-saving solutions to homeowners across the UK. From sourcing the most energy-efficient combi boiler to providing specialist heating advice, James ensures that Eco Happy maintains the highest standards and best customer service.

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