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Published May 8, 2024

Many Horsforth residents are rightly concerned about the upfront costs of installing solar panels for their homes or businesses. However, the truth is that the benefits soon outweigh the initial investment.

A solar PV system provides affordable, clean energy, and best of all? The excess solar energy you generate can be sold to the national grid allowing you to make money with your solar installation.

At Eco Happy, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality solar PV systems. Our expertise has allowed customers across the UK to enjoy top-notch, affordable services.

Here’s why we believe solar PV panels are an excellent choice in Horsforth.

Are Solar Panels Worth Installing In Horsforth?

Yes. It’s definitely worth installing solar panels in Horsforth. Eco Happy has helped many customers in Horsforth who are keen to lower their energy bills and switch to a renewable energy supply.

While it’s true that a solar panel will work to maximum efficiency when it’s sunny, there’s no need to be put off by the weather in Horsforth. Solar panels can still generate enough electricity when clouds are in the way.

Furthermore, the UK’s lack of extreme weather (large hailstones, etc.) is a great thing for solar panels since it reduces the likelihood of them getting damaged.

Electricity bills have increased dramatically for Horsforth residents in recent years and are 56% higher than they were in 2021. Solar energy can reduce your energy costs by over £400 per year.

If you’re concerned about the shape and type of your roof, don’t be. Eco Happy is highly adept at customising solar PV panels to fit roofs of all kinds. Essentially, if you have a roof, it can be done!

What are the benefits of installing solar panels in Horsforth?

Low-cost, plentiful electricity

A correctly sized solar panel system will cover much of your home’s or business’s energy needs throughout the day. For residential properties, solar batteries can provide you with round-the-clock power – even when the sun isn’t shining.

The amount you will save on your energy bills by having solar panels installed depends on the output and efficiency of the solar panels and how much direct light they receive. 

However, you can generally expect to save around $450 or more on your energy bills. This amount can be increased significantly through the use of a solar battery.

Enjoy for years to come

A solar power system’s lifespan is incredibly long, with a good-quality solar panel lasting more than 25 years.

Although solar panels reduce slightly in efficiency over time, it’s not by much. Therefore, they will continue to provide you with solar power for many years.

Smart Export Guarantee

Did you know that your energy supplier will purchase any excess electricity you send to the grid?

It’s true!

During the day, your solar panels will typically produce more energy than you can consume. When this happens, the excess energy is sent to the grid and, in return, you get paid for it through the nationwide government scheme known as the “Smart Export Guarantee“.

Here are some examples of what you can receive depending on your utility provider (per kWh):

  • Octopus: 4.1p – 15p
  • British Gas: 6.1p – 15p
  • E.On: 3p – 16.5p

Fast installation

Installing solar panels on a home in Horsforth is a quick task that can be completed in a matter of hours. Larger commercial installations take longer but rarely exceed a couple of days.

Reduce your carbon footprint

We all need to do our bit for climate change and solar panels are an abundant source of renewable energy. Every solar panel contributes to making Horsforth carbon neutral.

Property value increase

Planning on selling your Horsforth property? Install solar panels and see the value of your property increase by over £2,000.

Blackouts? No problem

With the UK at an ever-increasing risk of power blackouts, it has never been more important to have a resilient and reliable power source. Solar panels are unaffected by blackouts, so when the lights go out around you, yours will stay shining.

Residential solar energy systems with a solar battery have even greater resilience in this respect since they provide round-the-clock power independent of the grid.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need In Horsforth?

The number of solar panels you need depends on two things:

  • Your power consumption
  • How powerful the solar panels are

Residential solar panels are generally available in outputs of 250W – 450W, while commercial solar panels are 400W – 600W.

The good news is that you probably require fewer solar panels than you think. Typically, the smaller the home or business, the lower the energy consumption, which means a lower number of solar panels overall – especially if you choose solar panels with a higher output.

Therefore, if your roof isn’t large, it’s probably still big enough to accommodate the number of solar panels you require

Other factors that influence the number of solar panels installed include:

  • The direction your roof is facing (south-facing is best, followed by east and west)
  • How much shade there is on your roof
  • The quality and efficiency of the solar panels

Residential homes

To determine the number of solar panels, your solar panel installation specialists will need to look at your previous energy bills. 

House SizeElectricity Consumption (Annual)No of Solar Panels: 250WNo of Solar Panels: 350WNo of Solar Panels: 450W
Flat/1-bed house< 2,000 kWh486
2-3 bed house2,000 – 4,000 kWh6108
4-bed house4,000 – 6,000 kWh91310
5-bed house6,000 – 8,000 kWh51613

Commercial businesses

Size of BusinessSolar power system Size RequirementNo of Solar Panels: 400WNo of Solar Panels: 600W
Small10 kWh – 20 kWh25 – 5016 – 33
Medium50 kWh – 60 kWh125 – 15083 – 100
Large80 kWh – 100 kWh200 – 250133 – 166

How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost In Horsforth?

Solar panel installation costs less in Horsforth than you think, especially since Eco Happy works hard to secure the best prices for its customers.

The average time to achieve a full return on investment for a solar power system can be as little as eight years.

Residential solar panel systems (with solar battery)

House SizeSystem Size RequirementSolar Panel Cost (including installation)Solar Battery Cost Total Cost
Flat/1-bed house3 kWh£5,000 – £6,000£2,500 – £3,500£7,500 – £9,500
1-2 bed house4 kWh£6,000 – £8,000£3,500 – £4,000£9,500 – £12,000
3- 4-bed house5 kWh£8,000 – £9,000£4,000 – £5,000£12,000 – £14,000
5-bed house6 kWh£9,000 – £11,000£5,000 – £7,500£14,000 – £18,500

Commercial solar panel systems

Business SizeRecommended Solar Panel System Size Number Of Solar Panels (400W)Number Of Solar Panels (600W)Estimated Costs (incl installation)
Small20kW25 – 3016 – 33£16,000-£30,000
Medium60kW125 – 15083 – 100£39,000-£75,000
Large100kW200 – 250133 – 166£60,000-£120,000

Are There Solar Panel Grants Available in Horsforth?

It may be possible to reduce the cost of your solar power installation. Find out if you are eligible for the nationwide Home Upgrade Grant. Successful applicants could receive up to £10,000 toward the cost of their solar PV system.

It’s also worth knowing that solar panel systems purchased between April 2022 – March 2027 can enjoy 0% VAT.

Why Choose Eco Happy?

Knowledge and expertise

If you are ready to switch to reliable, cost-effective renewable energy, then Eco Happy is proud to be your trusted provider of solar panel installation services.

When you choose Eco Happy, you are choosing to work with a team of experienced and certified solar panel installers. We only work with high-quality tools and equipment to ensure your solar equipment delivers adequate electricity over the coming decades.

Our team has the in-depth knowledge to advise you correctly on the best choice of solar panels and where best to install them. Our priority is making certain you have a top-performing solar PV system.

Worry free installation

With Eco Happy, you won’t spend time and energy worrying about your solar project.

We take the reins and handle every step of your solar installation from start to finish.

Superior quality

Solar panel brands are not created equally, but you don’t need to let that concern you.

Eco Happy has established strong relationships with high-quality brands to bring you the best solar performance at affordable prices.

All our solar equipment comes with a long-lasting warranty, and for extra peace of mind, we cover our workmanship with a five-year warranty.

Exceptional service

We don’t just strive to meet customer expectations, we aim to exceed them.

Eco Happy is built on a foundation of happy customers and the exceptional customer service we provide. Your satisfaction guaranteed as our number one priority

Get Your Solar Panel Installation Quote Today

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need planning permission for solar panels in Horsforth?

In most cases, you do not require planning permission to install solar panels on your Horsforth property.

However, if you live in a listed building, a flat, or a designated conservation area, it may be necessary to obtain planning permission before going ahead with your project. 

If you are unsure, we recommend getting advice from your local council.

How much maintenance is required for solar panels in Horsforth?

A solar panel system requires surprisingly little maintenance. All you need to do is clean the solar PV panels once in a while and ensure they are free from debris. It is also important to regularly inspect your solar panel system for damage.

Can I install solar panels if my Horsforth property has a north-facing roof?

Solar panels work best if your roof is south-facing. The next best option is east or west-facing. Although solar panels will generate electricity in a north-facing position, it is advisable to avoid this direction if possible.

How do I stop birds from nesting on or affecting my solar panels in Horsforth?

If your Horsforth property has an issue with birds, you can install solar panel mesh or netting. This prevents birds from settling and won’t affect how your solar panels work.

How do weather conditions in Horsforth affect the efficiency of my solar panels?

A solar panel works best on a clear sunny day, but it still harvests and generates electricity when the sky is covered with clouds. As long as there is daylight and no other forms of shading (from trees, etc.) the solar panel will continue to work efficiently.

How can I find out more about having a Horsforth solar panel system installed?

For more information about Horsforth solar panels for homes and businesses, contact Eco Happy. We’re the number one choice for low-cost effective solar energy systems in the UK.

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