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Published May 8, 2024

Whether you are living or working in Rothwell, installing solar panels can greatly benefit your home or your business. Apart from the guarantee of electricity during power outages, solar panels are cost-effective, reduce energy bills, lower your carbon footprint, increase property value, and can even be profitable.

If you are trying to find solar panel installers, look no further. Our Eco Happy expert solar panel installers can provide you with assistance for your home or business in Rothwell.

Are Solar Panels Worth Installing In Rothwell?

YES. Rothwell receives an average of 68.4 sunlight hours per month. This may be low compared to other places, but it is still sufficient for solar panels to generate electricity. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels convert the sun’s power into electricity, whereas solar thermal panels convert it into heat for your household. Both are suitable for businesses and residential properties in areas with frequent cloud cover such as Rothwell. 

An average home with solar panels reduces carbon emissions by up to 1.6 tonnes a year. If 30% of the 8,862 homes in Rothwell installed solar PV systems, emissions would be reduced by 4,252.8 tonnes a year.  

Solar panels are already low maintenance and the mild weather conditions in Rothwell further insure it against any environmental damage. 

If you are worried about the size and orientation of your roof, Eco Happy can customise solar panels to suit your roof size and your energy requirements. The roofing materials (asphalt shingles, slate, clay tiles, metal, etc.) do not prohibit the installation process either. Installation methods can be easily adapted to fit any material, shape and size. 

The likelihood of power outages across the UK is becoming more imminent due to the closure of still-in-service nuclear power stations, rising energy demands and delays in the delivery of Hinkley Point C (a French-built new generation nuclear power station).

A “crunch point” on energy demands is expected in 2028, with the delivery of Hinkley Point C estimated sometime in 2031. This means more than 7 million homes in the UK are at risk of being without power.

What are the benefits of installing solar panels in Rothwell?

The obvious factors may be well known, but there are plenty more benefits of installing solar panels:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to set up and install
  • The addition of a solar battery allows for 24 hours of electricity
  • Lowers your carbon footprint
  • Great ROI, increases property value by up to 4%
  • Reduces your energy bills, you could potentially save up to £500 a year, more if you use a solar battery
  • High energy resilience means you’re less likely to be affected by power outages
  • It can be aesthetically pleasing
  • Solar panels last up to 25 years
  • Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) states that utility providers with 150,000+ customers are obligated to pay solar owners for any excess electricity fed back into the grid. Owners are paid per unit according to their utility provider’s rates. 

Other factors such as the use of a solar battery or a heat pump are taken into consideration To qualify you need to verify that the installation and solar panel installers are MCS certified.

  • The VAT on energy-efficient systems such as solar panels has been cut from 5% to 0%. This is for either the panels, or the installation, but not both. This relief is only valid until 31st March 2027 whereafter it will revert to 5% VAT.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need In Rothwell?

When determining how many solar panels your Rothwell home or business requires you need to consider the following:

  • The size of the property
  • How much energy is consumed/ how much solar power output is required
  • Roof size and space
  • Number of people
  • Type of solar panel


Below is a basic breakdown of how many solar panels residential homes require. This includes the size of the home as well as the yearly energy consumption. Solar panels with an output of 25W, 350W and 450W are within the most common range recommended for residential properties. These panels are 1.6m x 1m.

House SizeElectricity Consumption (Annual)No of Solar Panels: 250WNo of Solar Panels: 350WNo of Solar Panels: 450W
Flat/1-bed house< 2,000 kWh486
2-3 bed house2,000 – 4,000 kWh6108
4-bed house4,000 – 6,000 kWh91310
5-bed house6,000 – 8,000 kWh51613

Commercial businesses

Calculating the number of solar panels needed for a business will be a bit more technical than that of a house. You would need to consider all the same factors but the annual energy consumption is likely going to be the determining factor.

Size of BusinessSolar power system Size RequirementNo of Solar Panels: 400WNo of Solar Panels: 600W
Small10 kWh – 20 kWh25 – 5016 – 33
Medium50 kWh – 60 kWh125 – 15083 – 100
Large80 kWh – 100 kWh200 – 250133 – 166

How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost In Rothwell?

Just like the factors mentioned above determine how many panels you need, these will also affect the cost of your solar panel installation for your home or business. Costs will be affected by further factors such as: 

  • The kW size of your solar panel system
  • Type (solar PV or solar thermal panels) 
  • Size of panels
  • Roof size 
  • Complexity of installation
  • Brand of solar panel
  • Additional labour 

Residential cost (with solar battery)

House SizeSystem Size RequirementSolar Panel Cost (including installation)Solar Battery Cost Total Cost
Flat/1-bed house3 kWh£5,000 – £6,000£2,500 – £3,500£7,500 – £9,500
1-2 bed house4 kWh£6,000 – £8,000£3,500 – £4,000£9,500 – £12,000
3- 4-bed house5 kWh£8,000 – £9,000£4,000 – £5,000£12,000 – £14,000
5-bed house6 kWh£9,000 – £11,000£5,000 – £7,500£14,000 – £18,500

Commercial business costs

Business SizeRecommended Solar Panel System Size Number Of Solar Panels (400W)Number Of Solar Panels (600W)Estimated Costs (incl installation)
Small20kW25 – 3016 – 33£16,000-£30,000
Medium60kW125 – 15083 – 100£39,000-£75,000
Large100kW200 – 250133 – 166£60,000-£120,000

Full ROI could potentially be achieved between 12- 17 years, depending on the size of the system and the usage. 

Are there solar panel grants available in Rothwell?

There are numerous grants available to those who live in Rothwell that assist with the financing of solar panel systems and/or installation.

Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) Scheme

ECO4 is for low-income households. This scheme incentivises the installation of energy-saving heating systems such as PV solar panels and is valid until March 2026. Your house must be Energy Performance Certified and band D-G to be eligible.

Home Upgrade Grant (HUG)

The HUG is only available to those in England. To be eligible for this grant you must not use a gas boiler as your main heating system, your home must have an EPC between D and G. Up to £10,000 may be provided for solar installation. This grant is valid until March 2025.

Why Choose Eco Happy

Our solar panel installers in Rothwell have been signed up to the Eco Happy network via a strict onboarding process. This is one of many ways we provide you with quality service. 


Our highly experienced installers are qualified and certified to provide you with sound advice suited to your specific needs. This is carried on through to our installations, and any subsequent maintenance that you may require.

Hassle-free installations

Our expert team gets installations done promptly and efficiently which does not affect our quality of service. 

High-quality solar panels

We use materials and equipment of the highest quality, to ensure that your installations stand the test of time.

Great customer service

Without our customers, we would not exist. And that is why we pride ourselves on our customer service. No matter how big or small the job, we value every one of our clients. 

Our service does not end after we have completed an installation. We ensure that things continue to run smoothly and provide services to help maintain your solar panels.

Get Your Solar Panel Installation Quote Today

Are you ready to get your solar panels installed? Contact Eco Happy to get a quote as well as expert advice. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about installing solar panels. Act quickly, while all the grants and tariffs are still valid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need permission planning to install solar panels?

As of November 2023, the UK government implemented new rules which allow for solar panel installation with fewer to no required permissions. Most residences do not require permission. However, flats, listed buildings and properties in conservation areas may still require permission. 

Can I install solar panels on my roof if it is an irregular shape?

Yes, solar panels can be installed on most roof structures, provided that they are strong enough. Irregular roofs may not be able to be fully covered, but systems can be installed that still meet your energy requirements. 

What exactly is solar photovoltaics?

This refers to cells in solar panels that convert the sun’s energy into electricity.

Could I install solar panels myself?

Are you a qualified and certified installer? If not then the answer is probably no. It is possible to install your own solar panels, but the risks involved are not worth it. You might think that you could save a bit of money with a DIY job but the truth is that your warranty may be deemed invalid and you will have to deal with a mountain of admin regarding legalities. 

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