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Published May 8, 2024

If you ask most Farsley residents and businesses what their greatest concern is, it’s likely to be the ever-rising cost of living.

Going solar can ease the burden and provide low-cost, environmentally friendly energy for decades.

Not only does solar energy reduce your energy bills significantly, but any excess energy can be sold to the national grid. This allows you to make money with your solar panels!

Eco Happy is your trusted solar panel installer in Farsley and we’ve already helped many customers take advantage of energy-efficient solutions.

Our strong relationships with established brands mean you get the most affordable price for your solar installation while maintaining the quality you deserve.

Are Solar Panels Worth Installing In Farsley?

Yes! It is 100% worth it to install solar panels in Farsley and the surrounding areas.

Eco Happy has already helped many Farsley residents to discover the benefits of solar!

Farsley consists mostly of terraced and detached houses, and these are the perfect property types upon which to install solar panels.

One common myth is that solar panels only work when the sun is shining. The truth is that solar panels still generate electricity on cloudy days, so they work just fine in Farsley.

Don’t be concerned about the size, shape, or type of your roof, either. Solar PV systems are very versatile.

Our expert installers can adapt solar installations to fit most roof types, sizes, and shapes, including metal roofs and flat roofs.

What are the benefits of installing solar panels in Farsley?

Save with lower bills

A professionally installed solar PV system will generate as much electric current during the day as you need. Since solar-generated energy is free, your electricity bills can be reduced dramatically.

How much you save depends on your solar setup. You can generally expect to save in the region of £450 or more.

By using a solar battery storage system, you can save even more because it reduces your reliance on the grid.

Sell your electricity with the Smart Export Guarantee

Want to make money with your solar-generated electrical energy?

You can!

The government-wide scheme known as the “Smart Export Guarantee” allows solar owners to sell their excess energy to the grid.

During the day, your solar panels are busy generating more electricity than you can use. The excess power is either stored in a battery or sent to the grid where your utility provider will purchase it for a fixed price per kWh.

To give you an idea of what you could earn, here are some examples of what utility providers offer:

  • Octopus: 4.1p – 15p
  • OVO: 4p
  • British Gas: 6.1p – 15p

Enjoy for 25+ years

Solar panels have fantastic lifespans and can easily last more than 25 years. There are even solar panels created in the 1980s that are still functioning!

Photovoltaic panels do lose some efficiency over time, but not more than a few percent. That means you can enjoy long-term savings on your power for many years.

Property value increase

If you ever decide to sell your Farsley home or property, you’ll be thrilled to learn that having solar panels increases your property’s value by around £2,000.

Reduce Farsley’s carbon footprint

The population of Farsley and the surrounding area is just over 25,000. Even if just 5% of residents switch to solar, it would make a dent in Farsley’s carbon footprint.

Resilience against blackouts

Unfortunately, power cuts in the UK are set to increase, so it has never been more important to have access to reliable power.

Solar panels are completely unaffected by grid-based power cuts. This means you can continue to power your home and business even when everything around you plunges into darkness.

Solar panels with battery storage systems are even less affected by blackouts. Homes with this setup can enjoy round-the-clock solar power whether there’s sunlight or not.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need In Farsley?

The number of solar panels you need is based on several factors. Of course, it stands to reason that the larger the property, the more panels you will need, but other things also affect the number.

The two largest factors are:

  • The power consumption of the property
  • The output of each solar panel

Home solar PV systems typically consist of 250W – 450W panels, while a commercial solar installation contains 400W – 600W panels.

Other factors that influence how many panels are required include:

  • How much of the roof is in the shadow of nearby objects (trees and other buildings, etc.).
  • The direction of the roof: south is optimal, but east or west is also perfectly fine. North is best avoided.
  • The quality of each solar panel and how efficient they are.

It’s worth noting that if you extend your building, you can usually add on more panels in the future.

Residential homes

House SizeElectricity Consumption (Annual)No of Solar Panels: 250WNo of Solar Panels: 350WNo of Solar Panels: 450W
Flat/1-bed house< 2,000 kWh486
2-3 bed house2,000 – 4,000 kWh6108
4-bed house4,000 – 6,000 kWh91310
5-bed house6,000 – 8,000 kWh51613

Commercial businesses

Size of BusinessSolar power system Size RequirementNo of Solar Panels: 400WNo of Solar Panels: 600W
Small10 kWh – 20 kWh25 – 5016 – 33
Medium50 kWh – 60 kWh125 – 15083 – 100
Large80 kWh – 100 kWh200 – 250133 – 166

How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost In Farsley?

Solar panel installation is cheaper than ever these days, and the cost of solar PV panels has dropped by 90% since the year 2000.

When comparing the upfront cost of your solar installation to the ongoing savings it provides, it is possible to get a full return on investment for a solar power system in as little as eight years.

Home solar panel systems (with solar battery)

Home solar panel installation includes solar battery storage so you can store your excess DC electricity and use it 24/7. 

Each solar installation is bespoke, so the price depends on your set-up. However, here are the estimated costs:

House SizeSystem Size RequirementSolar Panel Cost (including installation)Solar Battery Cost Total Cost
Flat/1-bed house3 kWh£5,000 – £6,000£2,500 – £3,500£7,500 – £9,500
1-2 bed house4 kWh£6,000 – £8,000£3,500 – £4,000£9,500 – £12,000
3- 4-bed house5 kWh£8,000 – £9,000£4,000 – £5,000£12,000 – £14,000
5-bed house6 kWh£9,000 – £11,000£5,000 – £7,500£14,000 – £18,500

Commercial solar panel systems

Here are the average costs for commercial solar. To get accurate pricing, you are welcome to request a quote. 

Business SizeRecommended Solar Panel System Size Number Of Solar Panels (400W)Number Of Solar Panels (600W)Estimated Costs (incl installation)
Small20kW25 – 3016 – 33£16,000-£30,000
Medium60kW125 – 15083 – 100£39,000-£75,000
Large100kW200 – 250133 – 166£60,000-£120,000

Are there solar panel grants available in Farsley?

Homeowners in Farsley can see if they are eligible for the nationwide Home Upgrade Grant. If you qualify, you could receive up to £10,000 toward the cost of your solar installation.

Unfortunately, there are no grants available for commercial properties, but you can still save. Between April 2022 and March 2027, you will pay 0% VAT on any purchase of solar equipment.

Why Choose Eco Happy?

When it comes to solar panel companies, reliability and trustworthiness matter.

With many five-star reviews under our belt, Eco Happy puts the customer first by providing truly stellar service and support.

High-quality at affordable prices

Our solar panel installation service is no exception. We have worked hard to establish strong relationships with high-quality brands which enables us to offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Fast installation

Our experts can install solar panels in a very short amount of time. Home installations can be carried out in a few hours – usually within an afternoon.

Commercial building installations take longer because they are typically larger. However, this is never longer than a few days.

Experienced and professional

When you choose Eco Happy, you are choosing certified and professional solar panel installers. Our solar PV systems are customised to your unique needs and will perform to the highest standard.

Get Your Solar Panel Installation Quote Today

Your free quote is the first step toward starting your solar project. If you’re ready to switch to affordable energy powered by sunlight, then Eco Happy is ready to help you!

To get an accurate and transparent quote, complete our form today. We’ll give you the full breakdown of costs with no surprises.

If you have any questions, then we welcome you to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need planning permission to install solar panels in Farsley?

No. In most cases, it is not necessary to get planning permission to add solar panels to your property or business.

However, there are a couple of exceptions. You may need planning permission if your property is listed, you live in a block of flats, or your property is located in a conservation area.

If you are unsure, we recommend checking with your local council.

Can solar installations in Farsley reduce my energy bills to zero?

No. While solar is capable of significantly reducing the cost of your energy bill, it will never reduce it to zero.

An energy bill includes costs that are always present, regardless of how much grid-based electricity you use or don’t use. Some examples of these include the standing charge, network costs, and VAT.

What does a solar installation quote include in Farsley?

A solar panel installer will give you a quote for the costs of all solar equipment required and the price of the installation itself.

Your installation will include costs for the solar panels, inverters, electronics, wiring, and the racking required to mount it to the roof. It will also include the labour required to install the system and place it online.

For home solar, you will also find the cost of a solar battery included.

Is it easy to clean solar panels in Farsley?

Cleaning solar panels is an important part of their maintenance, but the good news is that it doesn’t need to be done very often.

Clean your solar panels with a soft non-abrasive cloth and warm (but not hot) water. Rub them gently to remove the dirt and be sure to remove any debris that may have accumulated on or around them.

Can I install solar panels on the roof of my shed or summer house?

Yes. A solar panel system can be installed on any type of roof as long as it is large enough. It must also be structurally sound and able to accommodate the weight of the solar panels.

Installing solar panels on a shed or other building can be an ideal solution if the roof of your main property faces north.

Will solar panels work in bad weather, including snow?

Yes. A solar panel system will generate less electricity when the weather is bad, particularly if it is raining or snowing heavily. However, as long as there is some daylight, the solar cells will continue to harvest the sun’s energy until it gets dark.

Additionally, because solar panels are tilted, snow rarely settles on them and simply slides off.

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