James Elston

James Elston

Published July 7, 2024

Expert Solar Panel Installation for Schools, Universities and Colleges

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Custom-Tailored Solar Panel Installation for Schools

At Eco Happy, we are leading experts in the solar panel industry. We specialise in custom-tailored installations of all solar panels and have helped thousands of schools across the UK switch to more sustainable energy solutions.

Thanks to our help, many schools, universities and colleges have been able to lower their energy bills and reduce carbon their footprints. Our expertise in solar panel installations ensures their future looks bright and energy-independent.

We understand that all schools have different needs regarding their solar systems. So, we ensure our installations are designed to suit your institution’s requirements, like space availability and budget. We strive to provide optimum energy efficiency while ensuring your solar installation is done to the highest safety standards.

The Costs of Solar Panels for Schools

The cost of your school’s solar panel installation will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the property. Whether it’s a university, private college, or standard school (high school), the demand for energy will vary.

To help make solar panel installations more accessible, some excellent funding options are available for UK schools looking to switch to sustainable energy solutions.

The Public Sector Decrabonisation Scheme offers funding to public sector organisations (like schools) that want to include more sustainable energy solutions on their campuses.

Below, we have provided estimated costs for installing a solar PV system in various types of institutions.

Institution typeAnnual Energy ConsumptionSolar Panel System NeededNumber Of Solar PanelsEstimated Price
High school100,000 kWh – 200,000 kWh50 kW150£60,000 – £75,000
College 200,000 kWh – 500,000 kWh100 kW300£120,000 – £150,000
University1,000,000+ kWh500 kW1,500£600,000 – £750,000+

What Are the Benefits of Installing Solar Panels for Schools?

Installing solar PV panels in schools offers a wide range of benefits, making them a great long-term investment.

Long-term savings

Cost savings

Solar panels will help significantly decrease electricity bills, as they rely on renewable energy from the sun.

Environmental benefits

Switching to renewable energy systems significantly reduces your school’s carbon emissions and, thus, your environmental impact.

Energy independence

Energy independence

Solar panels allow you to become less reliant on an energy grid. You will have more self-reliance and a stable energy supply if power outages occur in your area.

Maintenance and durability

After the once-off cost of buying and installing solar panels, they require little maintenance due to their impeccable durability and long lifespan.

Maintenance and durability

Opportunity for education

Installing solar panels in your school is a great opportunity to educate the youth on sustainable energy. It can even be used as practical learning for science, technology, and engineering students.

Why Choose Eco Happy?

Get a Solar Installation Quote for Your Schools Today

Installing solar panels is an excellent step if you want a reliable energy supply, to decrease your energy costs, and to make your school more energy efficient. 

Start your solar journey today by requesting a free quote from Eco Happy. All you need to do is fill out a short form, and we will get back to you shortly. You can also contact us if you have any other solar panel queries.

James Elston

James Elston

Boiler Expert

James Elston is the top boiler replacement and heating expert at Eco Happy. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry, focusing on Gas Safe boiler installations and offering home-heating and energy-saving solutions to homeowners across the UK. From sourcing the most energy-efficient combi boiler to providing specialist heating advice, James ensures that Eco Happy maintains the highest standards and best customer service.

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