James Elston

James Elston

Published July 7, 2024

Expert Solar Panel Installation for Holiday Parks

How many bathrooms do you have?

How many bedrooms do you have?

How many Radiators do you have?

How soon do you need your boiler?

Custom-Tailored Solar Panel Installation for Holiday Parks

You have a few different configurations to choose from when it comes to installing solar panels for your holiday park. You could have rooftop solar panels over the communal areas or pole-mounted panels to power your caravan sites. You could even use unused space for a ground-mounted solar array.

Not sure where to start? Let our solar panel experts point you in the right direction. We, at Eco Happy, are a UK-based renewable energy provider that is helping to revolutionise the way holiday parks generate their electricity. We always consider your specific needs when offering advice for your sustainable future.

The Cost of Solar Panels for Holiday Parks

The cost of solar panels for your holiday park depends on a variety of factors, including your energy consumption and the size of your operation. 

While solar power is still a significant investment, prices have dropped significantly over the past decade. Now is the ideal time to invest in solar solutions!

You should also keep in mind that you’ll be saving hundreds of pounds in electricity bills as you’ll have your own reliable energy source.

Size of holiday parkSystem sizeNumber of solar panelsEstimated price with installation
Small 3.5 kW – 4 kW6-10£7,000 – £10,00
Medium 5 kW – 6 kW10 – 16£11,000 – £13,000
Large7 kW – 8 kW16 – 22£14,000 – £16,000
Extra large9 kW and more23+£20,000+

What Are the Benefits of Installing Solar Panels for Holiday Parks?

One of the best things about installing solar panels at holiday parks is that peak generation will align with the peak demand.
Summer is when holiday parks are the busiest, which is also the time solar panels will generate the most electricity!
Some of the other major benefits include:

Appeal to eco-conscious holidaymakers

More and more people prefer sustainable energy solutions over fossil fuels. Appeal to these eco-conscious visitors by investing in solar PV and showing you care about your carbon footprint.

Reduce electricity costs

By producing your own electricity, you’ll significantly reduce your yearly energy costs, potentially saving hundreds of pounds!

Money-making opportunities
Energy independence

Energy independence

Run your holiday park even when there are municipal energy shortages. Green energy means you no longer have to rely solely on the government for your electricity needs.

Sell back to the national grid

If you generate excess energy using your solar power system, you can always sell it back to the national grid through the SEG scheme.

Positive payback period ROI

Why Choose Eco Happy?

Get a Solar Installation Quote for Your Holiday Park Today

Are you ready to transform your holiday park by investing in solar power? Our solar experts at Eco Happy have helped dozens of holiday park owners with their solar installations. From the beginning stages all the way through to the finishing touches, our team will be with you every step of the way!

If you have any questions about solar or would like a free quote, contact us today! We look forward to telling you more about how solar panels can reduce your energy costs and benefit your operation!

James Elston

James Elston

Boiler Expert

James Elston is the top boiler replacement and heating expert at Eco Happy. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry, focusing on Gas Safe boiler installations and offering home-heating and energy-saving solutions to homeowners across the UK. From sourcing the most energy-efficient combi boiler to providing specialist heating advice, James ensures that Eco Happy maintains the highest standards and best customer service.

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