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James Elston

Published February 8, 2024

Are you in the market for a new boiler? If so, consider an Intergas boiler – a trusted and efficient choice that combines innovative technology with high-quality performance.

In this post, we’ll explore the range of Intergas boilers, their unique features, and how they compare to other leading brands.

Intergas Boilers – In Summary

  • Intergas is a Dutch boiler manufacturer with reliable and energy-efficient heating solutions since 1939.
  • Intergas boilers offer innovative technology, superior efficiency, fewer issues than other brands & unique features such as a two-in-one heat exchanger design & smart control options.
  • Customers have given outstanding reviews on Trustpilot for their reliability and efficiency, with 85% of reviews providing a 5-star score.

Who Are Intergas?

what is intergas boiler

Intergas is a Dutch boiler manufacturer that has been in operation since 1939, with over 50 years of experience in producing high-efficiency gas boilers. They introduced their first condensing boiler in the Netherlands in 1989 and have been a leader in boiler technology ever since.

What sets Intergas apart in the boiler manufacturing industry is its engineering features and dependability. Some key features of Intergas boilers include:

  • Two-in-one heat exchanger made of aluminium and copper, designed with a patented structure for exceptional reliability and high energy efficiency
  • 3-10-year warranty on its boilers, reflecting confidence in product quality
  • Reduction of emissions by 20% compared to rival boilers, including Worcester Bosch boilers

These features make Intergas boilers a top choice for customers looking for reliable and energy-efficient heating solutions.

Intergas Boilers

After giving you a bit of a history lesson, here we’ll go into the boiler Intergas produces and the features they have.

Intergas offers a selection of gas-fired combi, regular, and system boilers in varying sizes, catering to a wide range of residential needs. These boilers provide energy efficiency, reliability, and versatility, with accurate temperature control and an integrated filling loop. The Intergas Xclusive Combi Boiler, for example, features a high modulation ratio of 1:9.

Intergas boilers are renowned for their efficiency, comprehensive warranties, and competitive pricing based on their performance.

Known for their innovative bithermic heat exchanger technology, Intergas boilers are designed to save energy and reduce CO2 levels, making them an eco-friendly choice for your home.

Intergas Combi Boilers

Intergas combi boilers, which supply both heating and hot water from a single compact unit, are a perfect choice for homes with limited space. They offer three models: the Combi Compact HRE, the Combi Eco RF, and the Rapid.

These boilers heat water on demand, eliminating the need to expend energy on maintaining a constant tank of hot water.

The Intergas Combi Compact HRE, a highly efficient boiler, can supply both hot water and central heating to a residence. With outputs ranging from 24-27 kW, Intergas combi boilers are suitable for residential properties with one bathroom and up to 10 radiators.

The Combi Compact ECO RF is known for its low emissions and offers significant savings on central heating costs.

Combi Compact HRE

The Combi Compact HRE is a popular choice among customers due to its efficiency rating of up to 95.8% and various power output options.

This highly energy-efficient boiler is designed to save energy and reduce CO2 levels, making it a great option for environmentally conscious homeowners.

The average cost of the Combi Compact HRE may vary depending on the model and installation. For instance, the Intergas Combi Compact HRE 28/24 is typically priced at approximately £1,400 to £1,900, while the Intergas Combi Compact HRE 36/30 can range from £1,450 to £2,000, including installation.

It is advisable to contact suppliers or installers for the most precise pricing information.

Smart Thermostat Compatibility

Intergas boilers are compatible with smart thermostats, such as the Nest smart thermostat and the Intergas eco RF thermostat.

Smart thermostat compatibility offers a range of advantages for Intergas boilers, including intelligent control of the heating system, ensuring that it starts at the ideal time to reach the user-defined temperature. This results in improved comfort and energy efficiency.

Smart thermostats can also be controlled remotely using a smartphone or tablet, offering users convenience and adaptability.

When combined with a modern, highly efficient boiler, a smart thermostat can maximise energy savings.

Intergas System Boilers

Intergas system boilers are designed for homes with multiple bathrooms and higher hot water demands. They provide central heating and can be supplemented with a storage cylinder to provide hot water. The Intergas HRE System Boiler is capable of producing four different outputs:

  • 18
  • 24
  • 30
  • 40

System boilers can supply hot water to multiple outlets without performance reduction, making them a practical option for larger homes with higher hot water requirements. The price range for Intergas system boilers is £1,535 to £1,885, including installation, and they come with warranties of 3-10 years for added peace of mind.

Intergas HRE System Boiler

The Intergas HRE System Boiler offers the following benefits:

  • Supplies central heating
  • Built-in frost thermostat
  • Compatible with both traditional and smart thermostats
  • Energy efficient
  • Reliable performance

The HRE System Boiler offers the following features:

  • Energy efficiency rating of up to 95.8% for domestic hot water
  • Compatibility with both standard and smart thermostats
  • Built-in frost thermostat for added reliability
  • Efficient choice for your home’s heating system

Intergas Regular Boilers

Designed for central heating in open-vented systems, Intergas regular boilers like the Compact HRE OV can be combined with a storage cylinder to supply hot water.

Regular boilers do not provide hot water for domestic purposes such as taps, showers, or baths, making them a suitable choice for homes with a separate hot water storage cylinder.

The Intergas Compact HRE OV is an open-vent central heating-only boiler designed to provide efficient and reliable heating.

It can be coupled with a storage cylinder to provide hot water and offers the advantage of automatically adjusting heating capacity according to needs, thereby avoiding energy wastage.

Intergas Compact HRE OV

The Intergas Compact HRE OV is designed to automatically adjust its capacity to meet heating demands, providing a dependable and efficient solution for open-vented systems.

It features a double high-efficiency heat exchanger, a modulating burner that adjusts the heat output according to demand, and a low standby power consumption.

This boiler is compatible with an open-vented system with a header tank. Its energy efficiency rating of up to 93% makes it an eco-friendly choice for homeowners looking to lower their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

intergas boiler

Comparing Intergas to Other Leading Brands

Compared to other leading brands such as Biasi and Ferroli, Intergas distinguishes itself with its innovative technology and superior efficiency. Intergas boilers have fewer issues and error codes than Ferroli boilers, making them a more reliable choice for homeowners.

Intergas boilers have several features that set them apart from other boiler manufacturers:

  • Unique two-in-one heat exchanger design
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart control options
  • Utilisation of recyclable materials

With a high customer satisfaction rating, Intergas boilers have a reputation for dependability and efficiency.

Intergas Reviews

If you are still unsure about Intergas, the best way to give you a clearer view is to listen to what other Intergas customers have to say about them.

Customers give Intergas boilers high ratings and positive reviews. With a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot and a reputation for reliability and efficiency, it’s no wonder homeowners are choosing Intergas for their heating needs.

This is higher than that of some boiler manufacturers and installers that are similar to Intergas. They are a brand that customers can trust with great confidence. 85% of reviews provide a 5-star score, and only a small percentage of reviews have had a poor experience with them.

Intergas Boiler Prices – Our Thoughts

Hopefully, you now know a bit more about Intergas boiler offers and how they provide a range of innovative and efficient options for homeowners looking to upgrade their heating system. With a variety of combi, system, and regular boilers available, Intergas caters to different needs and preferences.

Their unique two-in-one heat exchanger design and compatibility with smart thermostats set them apart from other leading brands.

High customer satisfaction ratings and positive reviews further demonstrate the reliability and efficiency of Intergas boilers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Intergas boilers apart from other brands?

Intergas boilers feature a unique two-in-one heat exchanger design for high efficiency, smart control options, and a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction, setting them apart from other brands.

Are Intergas combi boilers suitable for homes with one bathroom and up to 10 radiators?

Yes, Intergas combi boilers are suitable for homes with one bathroom and up to 10 radiators, as their outputs range from 24-27 kW.

What is the warranty period for Intergas boilers?

Intergas offers a 10-year warranty on some of their boilers, providing assurance of their quality and reliability.

Can I use a smart thermostat with an Intergas boiler?

Yes, you can use a smart thermostat with an Intergas boiler; the Nest and Intergas eco RF thermostats are both compatible.

What types of boilers does Intergas offer?

Intergas offers a variety of gas-fired boilers, including combi, regular, and system models in a range of sizes to meet various residential needs.

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James Elston

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