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Published February 8, 2024

Help-Link Logo

Help-Link are a nationwide Boiler Installer who have been around since 1998. In August 2017 they were acquired by HomeServe Plc to become their boiler installation business. Help-Link Install about 10,000 new boilers each year and are a trusted brand. They install two main brands of boiler: Ideal and Worcester Bosch.

Help-Link are head quartered in Leeds and started as a regional boiler installer, quickly expanding to cover the whole of the UK helped by raising awareness through TV advertising with Johnny Ball.

All their Ideal boiler installations come with:

  • Expert Installation covering all parts and labour, covering removing and recycling your old boiler, plus a horizontal flue, a system clense and a Sentinel Vortex filter
  • A new programmable thermostat which is fully compliant with the Boiler Plus legislation.
  • A 5 year manufacturer backed warranty
  • A condensate and up to 6 meters of gas run

And additional extras for their Worcester Bosch installations are:

  • Upgrade to a Netatmo smart thermostat & twin channel timer
  • A 7 year manufacturer backed warranty

Of course they also sell lots of other products to help you find the right central heating solution for your home. You can upgrade to a 10 year warranty for an extra £125. Add radiators, thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), other brands of smart thermostat (including Hive and Nest) and processes like power flushes to clean your central heating system.

Help-Link offer two different finance packages to help make your new boiler more affordable. There is an interest free credit option available over 2 years or you can choose a 9.9% APR finance package over 3 to 10 year terms. Of course as with all finance packages access to them is not guaranteed and credit is subject to status. Helpfully there are no deposit options available and you can make over payments to pay the loan off more quickly. The minimum loan amount is £500.

Help Link Combi Boiler Prices

Help-Link Combi Boiler Prices

Help-Link install a range of combi boilers with different outputs to suit the requirements of your home from 24 kW up to 30 kW. For the smaller property with lower hot water usage the Ideal Logic+ combi C24 can be yours from £2,359, complete with a 5 year warranty.

Larger properties with multiple bathrooms will need a bigger capacity combi boiler such as the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 30kW, which with a 5 year warranty will be installed by Help-Link for £2,739.

BrandModelOutputWarrantyInstallation PricePay Monthly (10yr 9.9% APR)Pay Monthly (2yr 0% APR)
Worcester BoschGreenstar 400025kW5 years£2,499£32.31£104.13
IdealLogic C2424kW5 years£2,359£30.50£98.29
VaillantecoFIT Pure 82525kW5 years£2,709£35.02£112.88
Worcester BoschGreenstar 400030kW5 years£2,739£35.41£114.13
IdealLogic C3030kW5 years£2,599£33.60£108.29
VaillantecoFIT Pure 83030kW5 years£2,909£37.61£121.21
data correct as of 23-01-2023. online published installation prices: combi combi swap, same boiler location, horizontal flue. 

Help Link Conventional Boiler Prices

Help-Link Conventional Boiler Prices

Help-Link installs a wide range of conventional boilers from two major manufacturers, Ideal and Worcester Bosch. All Ideal boilers come with a 5 year warranty as standard but this can be extended to 10 years for an additional fee of about £125. Worcester Bosch boilers also come with a standard warranty of 5 years, which can also be extended to 10 years for £99.

Whatever size of conventional boiler needed Help-Link can install and offer the 12 kW Ideal Logic+ Heat H12 for £2,539, right up to the whopping 30kW Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 life Regular boiler for £3,239.

BrandModelOutputWarrantyInstallation PricePay Monthly (10yr 9.9% APR)Pay Monthly (2yr 0% APR)
Worcester Bosch12ri12kW5 years£2,639£34.12£109.96
IdealLogic H1212kW5 years£2,539£32.83£105.79
VaillantecoFIT Pure 41212kW5 years£2,739£35.41£114.13
Worcester Bosch18ri18kW5 years£2,799£36.19£116.63
IdealLogic H1818kW5 years£2,639£34.12£109.96
VaillantecoFIT Pure 41818kW5 years£2,809£36.32£117.04
Worcester Bosch24ri24kW5 years£2,869£37.09£119.54
IdealLogic H2424kW5 years£2,679£34.64£111.63
VaillantecoFIT Pure 42525kW5 years£2,889£37.35£120.38
Worcester BoschGreenstar 8000 Life30kW5 years£3,239£41.88£134.96
IdealLogic H3030kW5 years£2,799£36.19£116.63
VaillantecoFIT Pure 43030kW5 years£2,969£38.39£123.71
VaillantecoFIT Pure 43535kW5 years£3,409£44.07£142.04
data correct as of 23-01-2023. online published installation prices: conventional conventional swap, same boiler location, horizontal flue. 

Help Link Conventional to Combi Boiler Prices

Help-Link Conventional to Combi Boiler Prices

Swapping a conventional boiler for a combi boiler can bring some advantages such as the convenience of instant hot water and freeing up storage space by removing hot and cold water tanks. But how much extra does it cost than replacing your conventional boiler with another conventional boiler and is the extra money worth it? We’ve analysed Help-Link prices to find the answers. 

According to published Help-Link prices it costs on average £647 more to swap your conventional boiler for a combi boiler rather than swap for another conventional boiler.  And this rises to £780 extra if you choose the Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 825, which will cost you £3,489 from Help-Link to replace a conventional boiler in the same location with a horizontal flue.

BrandModelOutputWarrantyInstallation PricePay Monthly (10yr 9.9% APR)Pay Monthly (2yr 0% APR)Conventional Boiler removal charge (included in installation price)
Worcester BoschGreenstar 400025kW5 years£3,179£41.10£132.46£680
IdealLogic C2424kW5 years£3,039£39.29£126.63£680
VaillantecoFIT Pure 82525kW5 years£3,489£45.11£145.38£780
Worcester BoschGreenstar 400030kW5 years£3,279£42.39£136.63£540
IdealLogic C3030kW5 years£3,139£40.58£130.79£540
VaillantecoFIT Pure 83030kW5 years£3,569£46.14£148.71£660
data correct as of 23-01-2023. online published installation prices: conventional to combi swap, same boiler location, horizontal flue. 

Help Link Reviews

Help-Link Reviews

Help-Link have an aggregated review score of 4.0 out of 5 from a total of  almost 3,800 reviews across multiple platforms. Our algorithm collates reviews and ratings from multiple sites and calculates a macro rating score to give an all rounder view of the level of customer satisfaction with the brand. 

On Trustpilot customers have rated the brand to be Good with a score of 4.0 out of 5 from over three and a half thousand reviews. A huge 83% of customers think Help-Link is Excellent (70%) or Good (13%), whilst only 10% have had a Bad experience with the brand.

Review SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
Google3.993 aggregated reviews4.03,734
data correct as of 23-01-2023.
RatingTrustpilot ratings volume% ratings
data correct as of 23-01-2023.

Help-Link Boiler Service

To keep your boiler running smoothly and to validate the warranty it’s recommended to have your boiler serviced every year, just as you would with your car. Help-Link offer annual boiler services and they will send an engineer to your home to give your boiler the once over making sure everything is in tip top working order. they’ll check for leaks, test the gas pressure, and check out your entire system. If any repairs need doing they’ll quote on the work first to make sure you want to go ahead. A top tip would be to get your boiler serviced in the summer months when demand is low, and helping to avoid any boiler breakdowns when it’s too cold to stay without heating and hot water.

Help-Link also offer a boiler & central heating repair service so if your boiler breaks down their 24/7 contact centre team will be able to dispatch an engineer to get you back up and running again.

Help-Link Boiler Cover

Help-Link no longer offer Boiler Care Plans. But, you can still get Boiler Cover from their parent company HomeServe. Plans start from £8 a month for the basic Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover and goes up to a price of from £18 a month for the HomeServe Heting, Plumbing and Electrics Plus pckage which also includes Gas central heating, gas supply pipe, plumbing & drainage, water supply pipe, electrics, security & roofing and pest infections.

All of the products include parts, labour & VAT (pending your cover T&Cs), you can call the UK based helpline 24/7 and most (again read the small print) repairs come with a 12 month guarantee.

Gas Boiler Breakdown CoverGas Central Heating CoverPlumbing & HeatingPlumbing, Heating & ElectricsPlumbing, Heating & Electrics Plus
Gas BoilerYesYesYesYesYes
Boiler Servicefree in 1st yearYesYesYesfree in 1st year
Gas Supply PipeYesYesYesYesYes
Gas Central HeatingNoYesYesYesYes
Plumbing & DrainageNoNoYesYesYes
Water Supply PipeNoNoYesYesYes
Security & RoofingNoNoNoNoYes
Pest InfestationsNoNoNoNoYes
Pricefrom £8 per monthfrom £13.50 per monthfrom £14.50 per monthfrom £16 per monthfrom £18 per month
data correct as of 23-01-2023.

Help-Link UK Ltd Company Information

Help-Link UK Ltd is a subsiduary of HomeServe Plc, 

Company number 03527087

Registered Address

3310 Century Way, Thorpe Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS15 8ZB

Company Active and incorporated 13 March 1998

Nature of Business (SIC): 43220 – Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation.


Nicholas Kasmir, appointed April 2020

Richard Shepherd appointed April 2020

Full Accounts made up to 31 March 2022

data correct as of 23-01-2023.

FAQs Help-Link

How much does Help-Link boiler installation cost?

It depends on the job type, the heating and hot water requirements of your property and the location of the new boiler. Help-Link boiler installations start from £2,359. Compare Boiler Prices here.

Do Help-Link install boilers nationwide?

Almost, Help-Link cover everywhere apart from Northern Ireland and the Islands and Highlands of Scotland.

Do Help-Link still install boilers after they were acquired by HomeServe?

Help-Link UK Limited is part of the HomeServe group of companies. You can continue to get quotes from the Help-Link brand but the installations will be done by engineers in HomeServe uniforms driving HomeServe branded vans. They are now one and the same.

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