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Published February 23, 2024

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme has increased its funding so even more homeowners can ditch fossil fuels. As energy prices reach an all-time high, and the temperature outside drops, you will want to find a sustainable heating solution.

Thanks to the introduction of the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme, homeowners can now upgrade their existing fossil fuel systems for greener technology. Instead of forcing change, the government is empowering homeowners to choose greener options by making them the most attractive choice.

By prioritising incentives, the government aims to create a positive and collaborative environment for transitioning to renewable heating solutions like heat pumps. This approach fosters long-term change and innovation and ultimately builds a more sustainable energy future for everyone.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme Overview

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) is a government-led initiative that provides upfront cash to cover part of the cost of installing heat pumps or biomass boilers, slashing your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win for you and the planet!

The goal is to reduce the use of fossil fuels in the UK and encourage people to switch to green heating. 

Who can apply:

  • You don’t have to own the property, but you need the owner’s permission to apply
  • There are no income or financial restrictions
  • You can only receive one BUS grant per eligible property

Property conditions:

  • Must be located in England or Wales
  • Can be a home or a non-domestic building (offices, shops, etc.)
  • New builds are not eligible, except for self-builds meeting specific criteria
  • Needs an existing boiler that qualifies for replacement (usually older gas or oil boilers)

Importance of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

The BUS scheme provides grants for homeowners in England and Wales to encourage them to ditch their fossil fuel-powered boilers and consider renewable heat incentives. A few low-carbon heating options like air source heat pumps and biomass boilers are better for the environment and your pocket.

There has been a grant increase for heat pumps to a maximum of £7,500. This significantly reduces the upfront cost of these technologies. So, even budget-conscious buyers can consider a green heating system.

Changes In The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Since October 23, 2023, you can receive more money if you install either an air-source heat pump or a ground-source heat pump thanks to the government increasing the funding available for heating upgrades. This means the fossil fuel transition to greener heating is now even more affordable than ever in the UK.

Instead of implementing a ban on inefficient boilers, the government is rather giving homeowners a gentle push towards a cleaner future by providing grants. This allows people to explore and consider a low-carbon heating system on their terms, leading to a smoother and more sustainable transition.

The government’s support in implementing greener alternatives helps build trust among homeowners to create a greener future. It’s a team effort after all! Grants make people feel like they’re part of the solution, instead of being forced into change.

Important note for existing applicants:

  • If you already applied for the scheme before October 23, 2023, you need to cancel your application and reapply to get the new increased grant amount.
  • Just make sure you don’t cash in your old voucher first, or you’ll miss out on the extra money.

Application Process

Before you dive into that eco-friendly warmth, remember that your installer is your partner in navigating the application process. That’s where Eco Happy comes in, ready to guide you through every step and ensure you reap the full benefits of this game-changing scheme.

Step 1: Eligibility check

We’ll expertly scan your home and chosen heat pump against the BUS criteria to ensure you are compliant. We’ll anticipate potential snags and ensure your application sails through the process, saving you precious time.

Step 2: Finding the perfect pump

Forget wading through technical jargon! We’ll translate the specs into plain English, helping you find the perfect heat pump to match your home’s size, budget, and comfort preferences.

We’ll go beyond basic efficiency. We’ll identify heat pumps with smart features that optimise comfort, minimise energy consumption, and let you truly control your indoor temperature.

Step 3: Paperwork

Forget deciphering complex grant documents. We’ll handle every form, grant requirement, and deadline – you just answer a few questions and leave the paperwork to us.

Step 4: Installation expertise

Our installers aren’t just skilled, they’re certified green champions. You’ll be in the hands of professionals who know heat pumps inside and out, ensuring a flawless installation for optimal performance.

Step 5: Post-installation support

Even after your heat pump has been installed, Eco Happy will continue to offer support and guidance, including your annual maintenance checks.

Ofgem’s confirmation process

Ofgem’s confirmation process verifies that installers complete eligible installations and follow all BUS requirements. This helps prevent fraudulent claims for grants and ensures quality installations. It safeguards public funds, upholds quality standards, and fosters trust in the boiler upgrade scheme, ultimately benefitting homeowners, the installers and the environment.

Here’s a breakdown of Ofgem’s final check for the boiler upgrade scheme:

  • Check your home: Is it in the right area for the grant?
  • Check your heat pump: Is it efficient and grant-worthy?
  • Check your installer: Are they qualified to fit it?
  • Check your paperwork: Is everything filled out correctly?

If everything is in order, Ofgem approves the claim and pays the grant to the installer, who then passes it on to the homeowner.


Is the boiler upgrade scheme worth it?

Absolutely! When it comes to heat pumps vs gas boilers, there are many benefits of the former eco-friendly solution:

  • Saving on energy bills: Heat pumps are super efficient, slashing your fuel costs.
  • Boosting your property value: Installing an eco-friendly boiler could increase the value of your property.
  • Helping the planet: Reduce your carbon footprint with an energy-efficient heat pump.

Do you get a grant for a new boiler upgrade?

Not just any new boiler! The BUS scheme only offers grants for air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps, the cleanest and greenest heating options. You could receive up to £7,500 for an air-source or ground-source heat pump.

Can you replace an existing air-source heat pump with a new ground-source heat pump?

Yes, you can! The boiler upgrade scheme welcomes upgrades from air-source heat pumps to even more efficient ground-source systems. Just make sure your home qualifies and that you choose a BUS-registered installer, like Eco Happy, to handle the switch seamlessly. Contact us and we’ll guide you through the application process and ensure you get the most out of your green boiler upgrade.


Upgrade your home with the revamped Boiler Upgrade Scheme! While the government is not forcing you to ditch your current boiler, it aims to make the green transition more accessible with grants. This way, you save money, get cosy warmth, and help the planet – everyone wins!

Starting on October 23, 2023, the government gave out bigger grants for installing heat pumps. However, it’s important to note that if you cashed in your vouches before then, you may have missed out on your opportunity to receive this increased funding.

Now that the bigger grants are here, you don’t want to miss out. It’s best to revoke your old applications ASAP and reapply.

Eco Happy will guide you through the process, from eligibility checks to expert installation. Ditch the fossil fuels and do your part for the environment with low-carbon heating systems.

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