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Published February 8, 2024

Not sure how much a new boiler will cost to be installed at your property? Well, look no further, our handy Boiler Installation Cost Calculator will put you in the know. Simply answer a few questions below:

Having a new boiler installed can be a quite stressful time; a large expense, tradespeople in your home, unexpected mess, the unknown whether you got a good or fair deal, the list goes on….

So, it’s good to know that we’ve got everything you need to know about boiler installation listed in this helpful guide. A master class in how to arrange a new boiler installation in a way that’s right for you. A quick view on whether having a combi boiler installed will be better and cheaper than a conventional boiler. How much should you be charged and an awesome boiler cost installation calculator. And, of course, a guide to what will happen on installation day and some top tips on how to make the whole process seamless.

How to arrange a new gas boiler installation

The key here to staying in control of the process is do your research first and then choose a route to purchase that fits right in your comfort zone.

1.      First off do some research.

  • What type of boiler do you currently have in the property: a combi boiler (combination where the boiler heats radiators plus heats hot water on demand so no need for a hot water tank), a conventional boiler (or regular, where hot water is stored in a hot water tank and you’ll also have a cold water tank, probably in the loft) or a system boiler (a pressurised system which will also have a hot watr storage tank).
  • What fuel does your current boiler use: Gas, LPG, Oil or Electricity. The vast majority of UK homes have gas central heating, so typically if you have mains gas then your boiler will most likely run on gas.
  • What type of boiler do you want to replace your old one? Think through key questions like what is your typical household hot water usage patterns? If multiple baths and showers are used concurrently then maybe a combi boiler isn’t for you as the water pressure will drop. For high concurrent shower usage household perhaps a system boiler would better meet your needs. Likewise if you live in a property with a smaller footprint and you currently have a conventional boiler and a hot water storage tank in an airing cupboard you may be better off switching to a combi boiler and moving the boiler location into the airing cupboard to free up space in your house.
  • Will your heating and hot water needs increase over the lifetime of your new boiler? Because a new boiler will last you 10 years plus it’s also worth thinking through if you plan to add an ensuite shower room, a loft conversion or build a new extension then you may need a higher capacity boiler than the one you currently have.

2.      Choose a purchase route and boiler installer that you are most comfortable with:

  • Deal orientated people should start their research online and compare boiler installers with a service like
  • Quality of workmanship requires either a recommendation from friends and family and / or consuming online reviews to make sure you’ll get a finished job that meets your criteria and as a consumer you are satisfied.
  • Also choose a purchase medium and journey you are comfortable with. More tech savvy customers may benefit from the speed, ease and potentially lower cost online only purchase route, where the first time you see a human face to face is when the boiler installer turns up at your door to fit your new boiler. People who value more advice through out the purchase cycle may benefit from a face to face survey held at your property where the boiler expect assesses your needs and recommends the right solution for you.

3.      Choose the right way to pay to suit your circumstances:

  • Paying outright is usually the cheapest option as boiler finance normally comes with an interest rate which you’ll have to pay back on top of the boiler installation cost.
  • Finance can be a great option, especially if you can find an interest free credit offer, meaning you get to borrow the money without paying any interest. 

Combi Boiler Installation: is it easier, quicker and cheaper than a Conventional boiler? 

Combi boiler installation, generally, is much quicker, cheaper and easier than a conventional boiler and / or a system boiler. Why? Because a combi boiler is one unit that houses everything; plumb in the gas pipes, water pipes and wire up and it’s done. There are no additional jobs to do like plumbing into a hot water storage tank etc, so rather straight forward.

A straight swap combi boiler installation in the same location, removing an old combi boiler and installing a new one can be done in as little as half a day (if everything is straight forward and goes exactly to plan), whereas a conventional boiler installation on the same terms as the combi example above is more likely going to take 1 full day.

Boiler Installation: what happens on install day? 

So, you’ve done your research, chosen the new boiler type, make and model at the right capacity, picked an installer, chosen how to pay and now it’s boiler installation day….what happens next?

Your boiler installer will more than likely have your new boiler and the relevant parts delivered to your property before the installation day so they can come round first thing and get started. Some may choose to go and pick up the boiler from the merchant that morning and make a later start, but that’s much less frequent nowadays.

First the prep phase; floor protection, setting up tools and getting everything ready. Once prepped, it’s time for old boiler removal. Mains disconnection, turn off the water and gas connections, disconnect the boiler and then strip it down off the wall, bundle it into the van and put to on side for recycling and safe disposal.

Now, time for the new boiler. Basically reversing the old boiler removal, plumbing in to the water supply, central heating, and gas supply. If the gas safe boiler installer is also a qualified electrician they will also connect it up to the mains electricity supply and also wire into the heating controls / smart thermostat so it’s fully operational.

Then, just some testing before registering with the manufacturer and activating the manufacturer warranty, before cleaning up (most installers bring their own hoovers now!), checking all is A’OK an job done. Leaving you with a new boiler that will heat your home and provide hot water for many years to come.

Boiler Installation Cost Calculator

Not sure how much a new boiler will cost to be installed at your property? Well, look no further, our handy Boiler Installation Cost Calculator will put you in the know.

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