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Published February 28, 2024

The term Boiler Beyond Economical Repair (BER) refers to a scenario where the cost of repairing a malfunctioning unit becomes more than the cost of replacing the entire unit. The cost is not just calculated financially, but also based on the time and effort needed to perform repairs.

For example, a Bosch Greenstar 2000 boiler will cost between £700 and £1,000. However, if it has a faulty heat exchanger, it could put you out of pocket by around £500. Before any installation fees or time is taken into consideration, the replacement part is already 70% of the cost of buying a whole new unit. Additionally, a repaired unit will not be as reliable as a brand-new boiler.

Let’s look at what elements can designate a boiler BER and what you can do if your boiler has been deemed BER.

Why A Boiler Is Beyond Economic Repair 

Numerous factors can account for a boiler earning a BER status. Below, we go over the main culprits.

The age of your boiler

When your boiler starts closing in on 10 years or more, it is time to be replaced. The longer you run an old boiler the higher the risk of a serious breakdown. The BER threshold decreases the older your boiler gets, meaning the repair cost to unit cost ratio gets much lower, as low as 45% in some cases.

The scope of the damage or faults

If your boiler has incurred large-scale damage or it has experienced failure of multiple parts, the overall integrity of the boiler comes into question. While repairs may be possible, it just means you have a patched-up unit that may only last you another year, if you are lucky.

The cost of replacement parts

As boiler technology advances and becomes more efficient, older parts become obsolete. Locating these parts can cost a lot of time and money. Your boiler will be deemed BER if the cost and installation of the parts are more expensive than purchasing a new unit.

Poor energy efficiency

The older a boiler gets, the less efficient it will become. By replacing a BER boiler, you will save more money on your energy bills. An upgrade from an old G-rated boiler to a modern unit can cut up to £580 off your annual heating bill.   

What To Do When Your Boiler Is Beyond Economical Repair 

When your boiler is determined as BER, it will need to be replaced.

Take advantage of the many boiler specialists who offer great financing options to make your new boiler purchase much easier. Check out our guide on boiler financing to help you get the best deal possible. A new boiler is an expensive investment, even before the installation costs are factored in, but it will often be cheaper in the long term than undergoing maintenance and repairs.


Who determines when a boiler is BER? 

Qualified heating and Gas Safe engineers or boiler technicians are the only people who can deem a unit BER. This can only be determined after a physical on-site inspection.

Who do I call if my boiler is not working?

When your boiler is not working, you can call a local Gas Safe or heating engineer. The simplest and safest course of action is to check out Eco Happy’s quote comparison service. Here, you will find the best prices on a fully accredited local gas engineer and high-quality boilers.


If your boiler has been deemed BER, it means that the system has become a potential hazard to your health, safety and property. While the costs of new boilers are high, you should always consider safety and future costs. Hiring a local tradesman to make a cheap boiler repair will inevitably lead to long-term consequences.

Your best course of action is to contact Eco Happy. We can provide you with a boiler replacement quote or you can explore our financing options to help you cover the costs.

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