James Elston

James Elston

Published April 9, 2024

If you like the idea of a smart, compact appliance that takes care of all your hot water and heating needs, look no further than the combi boiler. Combi boilers provide heating solutions that are ideal for many smaller households looking for convenience and energy efficiency.

The good news is that there are many budget-friendly boilers on the market. The not-so-great news is that many of them are underwhelming. But we won’t worry about them. Our article focuses on top-tier budget-friendly boilers and we’ve included some crucial insights regarding warranties and finance plans.

Read on to discover more about great boiler affordability without compromise!

Our Top 4 Picks for Affordable Excellence

When searching for the best affordable combi boiler, price shouldn’t be the only filter. Affordability must be combined with quality and superb performance. This list of the best cheap combi boilers showcases excellence and affordability.

1. Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000: Where quiet meets affordable

Prices: 25 kW – £714; 30 kW – £838

This entry-level combi boiler is the perfect blend of sleek design, affordability, and silent functioning. It’s compact and attractive enough to have on display. Alternatively, pop this smart combi boiler, with its user-friendly digital interface, into a cupboard, and sit back to enjoy its warm comforts.

The Worcester Bosch 2000 Combi Boiler from the Greenstar range is without a doubt one of the best 30 kW combi boilers. It’s ideal for smaller or medium-sized homes with a single bathroom.

Note: Since combi boilers only deliver maximum pressure to one tap at a time, they aren’t ideal for larger houses where there is demand for hot water from multiple users.

Worcester Bosch combi boilers have been standout performers for years and the company enjoys a 4.6 customer rating on Trustpilot.

As far as new combi boilers go, the Worcester Bosch 2000 combi boiler range is a winner all round:

  • 7-10 year guarantee – the manufacturer guarantees 7 years, and certain reputable installers offer up to 10 years when you buy your boiler through them.
  • Quiet Mark accredited.
  • Easy installation and maintenance, plus excellent availability of parts.
  • A brand with tons of industry awards, including Which? Best Buy accolades for over 10 years.
  • Impressive performance helps you save on your energy bills.
  • Dimensions: 724 mm x 400 mm x 300 mm.

2. Alpha E-Tec: Budget marvels from Italy

Prices: 28 kW – £710; 33 kW – £730

Alpha Heating Innovation is a relatively new combi boiler manufacturer with a 4.7 Trustpilot rating. The company is dedicated to bringing Italian flair to the UK market at a price point to cheer about.

Headquartered in Kent, Alpha has designed a cheap boiler that delivers excellent reliability, ensuring near-immediate hot water for that anytime cuppa. Bellissimo!

The Alpha E-Tec boasts a stainless steel heat exchanger – a feature normally associated with higher-priced models. All the tech bells and whistles are present, including options for a smart thermostat control via an app to help you manage usage.

Superbly built and small enough to be lifted by one person, this easy-to-install unit is among the best cheap boilers currently on the market. Its standout features include:

  • A 7-10 year guarantee
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Excellent wall-mounted design
  • A-rated energy efficiency
  • Dimensions of 600 mm x 390 mm x 305 mm

Can’t decide between an Alpha vs Worcester Bosch boiler? Head over to our comparison guide to help make the decision easier! 

3. Baxi 600: Affordable innovation from a trusted brand

Prices: £710 – £1,020 (depending on kW output)

The Baxi 600 is a great new combi boiler. Well, newish anyway. The 600 Combi 2 replaced the Duo tec range, which was discontinued in 2022. The 600 combi boiler includes improved innovation, such as a lower minimum operating pressure. This allows it to work efficiently even when the gas supply pressure is low.

The Baxi 600 comes from a trusted brand with a reputation for superb after-sales care. The Trustpilot customer rating is 4.6. Like the other products highlighted, this combi boiler can be handily fitted in a cupboard.

Aside from the affordable price, we praise the following:

  • Easy-Fill link making it easier to top up the system without involving an engineer.
  • Compatibility with uSense smart control
  • Good efficiency
  • 7-year standard warranty
  • Dimensions of 700 mm x 395 mm x 285 mm

The Baxi 800, a slight upgrade to the Baxi 600, is considered one of the best 40kW combi boilers on the market. If you have a larger home, it is also worth considering.

4. Ideal Logic+ 30kW: Smart savings and comfort combined

Price: Under £1,000

Popular with UK new home developers, the Ideal Logic+ 30kW is made for quick, straightforward installation.

You can expect comfort, convenience, and smart savings. Oh – and stellar performance too. This 30 kW combi boiler can heat between 10 and 15 radiators.

It can modulate down to 4.8 kW. This means it can adjust efficiently when limited heating is required in mild temperatures or when only a small section of the building needs heating.

Ideal has a 4.8 Trustpilot rating.

Other pleasing benefits include:

  • 7-year warranty (10 years for the heat exchanger)
  • Compact cupboard fit – 700 mm x 395 mm x 278 mm
  • Rated A for seasonal and water heating efficiency
  • Boiler frost protection
  • Also available in 24 kW and 35 kW outputs

The Ideal Logic+ has also made it onto our list of the best small combi boilers. This little boiler is a powerhouse!

Stuck between Baxi vs Ideal boilers? Our article can help guide your decision! 

How We Chose The Best Cheap Combi Boilers 

Here are the criteria we used to pick the best cheap combi boilers. 

Customer reviews and recommendations

Using platforms like Trustpilot, we analysed reviews and recommendations from previous combi boiler customers to determine which ones are both the best and the cheapest. 

This involved looking at combi boilers rated between four and five stars from each brand to narrow down our list. We only focused our search on cheap combi boilers that received many positive reviews and ratings. 

We also identified key terms such as “cost-effective” and  “efficient” to aid our review search. 

Value for money 

The combi boilers on our list not only needed to be cheap but they had to be of good value for money. This involved looking at the following: 

  • Price: We prioritised combi boiler models with a competitive price tag. 
  • Energy efficiency: We considered models with a high ErP rating to ensure lower long-term running costs. 
  • Warranty: We ensured the warranty length was long enough to ensure peace of mind from unexpected costs.
  • Brand reputation: We focused on brands that are known for reliability and good after-sales support. 

Independent testing bodies 

We consulted independent testing bodies that promote informed consumer choices when it comes to purchasing a combi boiler. This includes organisations like Which?, the British Electrical and Allied Manufacturers Association, and the Energy Savings Trust. 

These testing bodies are not associated with any particular boiler manufacturer, ensuring the boilers they recommend are based on impartial results. Furthermore, these organisations analyse each combi boiler based on standardised tests, ensuring fair and accurate comparison. 

Decoding Boiler Costs: What “Cheap” Really Means

Let’s dig into what “cheap” really means. When we say cheap, we don’t mean a penny-wise, pound-foolish, gas guzzler, or heat waster. Nor do we mean a hot water boiler made from low-quality materials that doesn’t even reach its third birthday.

We’re talking about affordable combi boilers that don’t compromise on quality, performance, or safety – which is definitely an area you don’t want to skimp on.

Let’s look at combi boiler prices and break down all the associated combi boiler costs:

  • The unit price – The price of the boiler itself which varies depending on the model, manufacturer, and features. Affordable combi boiler prices range from £600 to £950.
  • Combi boiler installation cost – The cost of having a professional engineer install the boiler in line with Gas Safe standards. You should expect to pay close to £1,000 for a professional fitting that properly secures gas connections and ventilation, and complies with all regulations.
  • Combi boiler efficiency – This is the measure of how well the boiler converts gas into heat and how much heat it loses in the process. The higher the efficiency, the less gas you use and the lower your energy bills.
  • The servicing cost – Upfront combi boiler prices don’t take into account ongoing maintenance charges. To keep your boiler in sound nick, it’s recommended that you have it serviced once a year by a qualified engineer. An annual service may be a condition of your warranty. This can cost up to £100.

You can expect to pay between £1,700 and £2,000 for a budget-friendly, new combi boiler plus professional installation. Whether you’re looking for the best electric combi boiler or a gas combi boiler, you’re sure to find a reputable one in your price range.

Combi boilers usually have cheaper running costs compared to a hot water tank system, but this is not always the case. If your dwelling consumes a lot of hot water regularly, it may be more efficient to draw this heated water from a storage tank rather than have it reheated by a combi boiler multiple times a day.

The link between boiler price and peace of mind

Many economical boilers come with a limited warranty – sometimes, limited to a bog standard 1-year. When comparing models and prices, know that a longer boiler warranty is usually a good indicator of quality. The manufacturer is effectively putting their money where their mouth is.

Under the warranty, the manufacturer takes responsibility for repairing faults and defects. As long as you’re covered for parts and labour, you’re spared the – usually unexpected – expense of call-outs, repairs, and replacement parts.

Please don’t regard boiler warranties as an afterthought. Consider warranties as a crucial factor when comparing models. A warranty gives you peace of mind, which is golden, especially in uncertain economic times.

Budget bliss: Exploring monthly instalment options

The rising cost of living is forcing most of us to budget more keenly than ever. Sometimes, even a cheap boiler cost can blow that budget out of the water.

Here’s the good news: It is possible to purchase your cheap combi boiler on a monthly instalment plan.

Today, an increasing number of homeowners are paying for their boilers this way. Boiler financing periods of up to 10 years mean that instead of forking out £2,000 upfront for a new boiler and installation, you can get the whole package for as little as £30 per month.

Many lenders offer these affordable boiler finance options, and more competition usually means lower costs for the consumer.

And the good news keeps on coming! Eco Happy appreciates the importance of helping householders get a terrific deal. We have tailored easy and competitive financing plans to put a quality combi boiler in your home for the kind of monthly outlay you hardly need to think about.

How To Choose The Right Combi Boiler For Your Needs

Choosing the best combi boiler for your needs involves more than just looking at the cost. Here are a couple of factors you must consider when deciding which combi boiler to install in your home. 

Size and hot water demands

Combi boilers work best in smaller houses with a low demand for hot water. 

As a general guideline, here is the type of combi boiler you would need based on the size of your home: 

  • 24kW to 27kW: Ideal for small houses with 10 radiators, 1 bathroom and 1 ensuite bathroom. 
  • 28 kW to 34 kW: Ideal for medium to large houses with 3-4 bedrooms, 15 radiators, 1 bathroom and 1 ensuite bathroom. 
  • 35 kW to 42 kW: Ideal for large houses with 20 radiators and two full bathrooms. 

Combi boilers heat water directly from the mains water supply, which means they can’t always supply hot water to multiple faucets simultaneously. 

A boiler with a higher kilowatt (kW) power output would, therefore, be required for larger homes. 

Energy efficiency 

Over half of your annual energy bills go directly towards your hot water and heating. This makes it crucial to have an energy-efficient combi boiler to help you save on your electric bills and gas bills. 

Since combi boilers provide on-demand hot water (rather than storing it in a water cylinder), they are very energy efficient, especially compared to conventional boilers

However, you still need to ensure that your boiler has a high Energy-related Product (ErP) rating. Choose a combi boiler with a rating of A or higher. This means that the boiler is 90% or more energy efficient and essentially only wastes £0.10 (or less) per £1 spent on energy. 


Of course, your budget needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a combi boiler.

However, you need to consider both the upfront expense of the unit as well as the installation and long-term maintenance costs of the boiler. 

While a boiler may have a cheaper initial cost, it may be more complex to install or experience frequent breakdowns, increasing the overall expense. 

To get a better understanding of the long-term costs involved with a specific boiler, look at customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot. This will give you an indication of whether the boiler experiences frequent breakdowns or malfunctions as well as the costs involved with replacement parts.

To get a better understanding of combi boiler installation costs, check out our helpful guide. 

You may find it to be more cost-effective to install a combi boiler with a higher upfront investment but lower maintenance and installation costs in the long term. 


While a warranty may be the last thing you look at when purchasing a combi boiler, it shouldn’t be overlooked! 

Purchasing a boiler with a longer warranty ensures peace of mind. A long warranty is like a stamp of approval from the manufacturer that the product is of high quality. It ensures that should the boiler experience a fault, it will be repaired by a qualified engineer, often free of charge. 

Also, keep a lookout for how the warranty is impacted by your installer. Some boiler manufacturers provide an extended warranty when the unit is installed and maintained by an approved or accredited installer. 


What is the price range between cheap and expensive combination boilers in the UK?

Combi boiler prices range from very cheap boiler units under £550 to high-output expensive boilers closer to £2,500.

How can I get my combi boiler cheaply installed?

Legally, any gas-related installation work must be done by a person on the Gas Safe Register. This professional service by a qualified, registered provider won’t necessarily come cheap. However, if you explore the market, get several quotes, and check with friends and colleagues for recommendations, you should be able to find an engineer who is both affordable and legally qualified.

What are important features to consider when buying a combi boiler?

If you’re thinking of changing from a conventional boiler to a combi boiler, you need to know what to look for. Energy efficiency, noise, heating output in kW, the warranty, and smart controls are among the most important considerations when buying a combi boiler.


Every home is different. But if you live in an apartment or a small to medium-sized house (even with two or three others), one of the cheap boilers explored above may be ideal for your space.

These budget-friendly offerings come with boiler warranties of up to 10 years, underlining their quality. Always evaluate the warranty when searching for the best combi boiler. If combi boiler prices are a bit steep for your current budget, remember that friendly boiler financing schemes let you pay back the price at a relaxed, affordable pace.Eco Happy is committed to finding the best combi boiler solution for each home. Reach out to us so we can help you make your castle more comfortable.

James Elston

James Elston

Boiler Expert

James Elston is the top boiler replacement and heating expert at Eco Happy. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry, focusing on Gas Safe boiler installations and offering home-heating and energy-saving solutions to homeowners across the UK. From sourcing the most energy-efficient combi boiler to providing specialist heating advice, James ensures that Eco Happy maintains the highest standards and best customer service.

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